Natural Vitamins & Supplements I take – YouTube Collaboration

Natural Supplements I take

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Natural Supplements I take
Natural Supplements I take

Got wind in my sails today, not only I published a post earlier today, now I am filming a Youtube video for You guys on what natural supplements I take. Think Solgar, Better You, Kiki Health, Ener C, Fushi Naturals, medicinal mushrooms, baobab powder, all kinds of fun stuff. Shall we see?


For liquid vitamin D, rhodiola & many more.


for superfood powders, zeolites and spray magnesium


For vitaminD + K2, magnesium, vegan multivitamin spray for my daughter & magnesium oil

For every day I only take vitamin C, about 1000mg, vitaminD +K2 together, magnesium on the skin & fish/krill oils, that’s about it. Probiotics I get from brewing my own water kefir and my own sauerkraut, let me know if you want to see posts on that?


More natural wellness products:

 My iHerb supplements page
Love Lula supplements page
Dutch Health Store Nutrition page

Many thanks for watching in advance!

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