Project Pan 2020 – Living Libations, Pai, Alteya Organic, Pure Anada & more

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Project Pan. It is a good way to consciously use up products, especially the ones You kind of pushed aside for whatever reason, maybe something new and more exciting came into your life, maybe something quite did not work for you. As you can tell fro the photo above, today we will be talking about Ayumi, Pai, Leahlani Skincare, Pure Anada, Hurraw & Living Libations. Let’s get started?

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What’s In My Bag – YouTube Collaboration with Natural Beauty Sisters

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What's in my bag - collaboration with Natural Beauty Sisters
What’s in my bag – collaboration with Natural Beauty Sisters

How are You, I hope You are well? Another day, another Youtube video from me, this time What’s In My Bag one ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems like I hit the ground running with Youtube after so many years of being afraid to put myself out there – if you are an introvert, you know what I mean. Many thanks for all the warmth and support from all of You – You know who You are ๐Ÿ’•

Sending love and gratitude!

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Love Lula Picks & Reviews – Hurraw, Alteya Organics, Ayumi [AD]

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Love Lula Blogger Picks
Love Lula Blogger Picks

Hope You are all well in these difficult times that seem to be dragging on for what seems like forever?

How much do I loveย Love Lula?ย 80+ posts much ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I will share what new products I picked up for this month, as well as more in depth thoughts on last month’s products. Shall we get started?

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18 products from 2018 Best I still use daily

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Hope all of You are doing well? After revisiting my 2018 Love Lula favourites, I was curious how many other products I still use from two years ago? This listing of favourites of the moment used daily – there are some of the things I still have and love to death like BeDew Dab by Living Libationsย  which is a fantastic blend for blemishes – but not used daily, only when needed. Same for Kathleen Natural Facial Ionic Treatment Device or Living Libations Rose Quartz Facial Roller. Same for my Manuka Honey DIY masks – I love and use them on the regular basis, just not daily. Some of the things I ran out of & still haven’t repurchased due to having other open products in the same category, like Couleur Caramel Liquid Eyeliner & Kiss The Moon Love Night Cream for Hands. Odd, I know – I will blog about those products soon. It was so hard to narrow down the products to 18 – as they are pretty much all my faves still! Shall we start?

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The Clean Beauty Swap 2020 Campaign & Me

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Clean Beauty Swap
Clean Beauty Swap 2020 Green Life In Dublin suggestion

How is everyone holding up during these difficult times? I hope You are all safe and sound at home. That’s right, you are not STUCK at home, You are SAFE at home – this shifts the perspective, right? Today I am going to talk about The Clean Beauty Swap Campaign 2020 organized by PurPicks, a partner in Clean Beauty Awards I happened to judge this and last year. Post on that is coming up next, for today let’s focus on The Clean Beauty Swap Campaign I took part in. My clean beauty swap suggestion is natural alternative to Nars Orgasm blush, the product I replaced the last-ย  as I found it so hard to find natural alternative to. Please step forward, Peachy Keen by Inika! More than 20 suggestions post linked at the end of this post too – at all price points.

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Revisiting My 2018 Love Lula Favourites

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Love Lula Best Natural & Organic Products

How are all of You? I hope everyone is keeping up well during these difficult times? If You need a distraction & are up for some blog reading, let’s revisit my 2018 Love Lula Best products & see how many of them are still standing strong today? See this FB album for 80 more Love Lula related posts here & check out their online shop here.

Idea for this post came when I was backing up my blog posts – being still is the best time on catching up on all the things I knew I needed to do, but never had time to actually do it. You can see my blogger recommendations here, but as life doesn’t stand still, my Holy Grail product change over time too, due to many different reasons – the brands sell out, products change in formulations, stop working for me or are no longer stocked by Love Lula. If You want to know my Love Lula Loves from two years ago, You are in the right place ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading “Revisiting My 2018 Love Lula Favourites”

My Favourite Natural & Organic Lip Balms [That Stay On The Lips]

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My Favourite Natural & Organic Lip Balms [That Stay On The Lips]
My Favourite Natural & Organic Lip Balms [That Stay On The Lips]
Today is the day when I present You with my best natural and organic lip balms. This would be the first item I would take to the desert island with me, and having tested dozens upon dozens natural lip balms, here are my best picks. I only have two requirements for them, they have to be all natural & ACTUALLY STAY ON THE LIPS! Continue reading “My Favourite Natural & Organic Lip Balms [That Stay On The Lips]”

Love Lula Black Friday Sale ’19

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Love Lula Black Friday Sale 19
Love Lula Black Friday Sale 19

So it is that time of the year! Love Lula Black Friday sale time, that’s it. Everything is 15% off with the code “FRIDAY”. Time to treat yourself and maybe get all of Your Christmas presents in one go maybe?

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Green Beauty Christmas Gift Guide – All From Love Lula

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Clean Beauty Christmas Gift Guide - All From Love Lula
Clean Beauty Christmas Gift Guide – All From Love Lula

Am I allowed to say the “C” word? Christmas, that’s it ๐Ÿ™‚ Shops are full of all kinds of Christmas gift sets, so I thought I will help out fellow sisters who want to give gifts that are all natural & to make matters ever easier, it will be from one stop shop – Love Lula. Perfect. All gifts sorted with a few clicks and delivered to your door anywhere in the world free of charge for all orders 15ยฃ plus. Easy peasy. Let’s get into it ๐Ÿ’• Continue reading “Green Beauty Christmas Gift Guide – All From Love Lula”

Affordable Natural Products at Love Lula

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Affordable natural products - all from Love Lula
Affordable natural products – all from Love Lula

How are all of You, I hope You are well? Today I am coming at you with a post on natural and organic products that wonโ€™t break the bank โ€“ all available at one place, no less! Please step forward Love Lula! I have been meaning to do this post for a while nowย  and I got requested to do so via Love Lula Natural Beauty Club on Facebook, so this post is for you, my lovely readers. Shallย  we get started?

Clean and natural beauty is the place to be, thereโ€™s no question on that, but at the same time it might be overwhelming place, and with so many new brands focusing on โ€œluxe naturalโ€ (read = more expensive) products these days, one might make a quick assumption that green beauty is all expensive and out of reach for those of us on a budget. I certainly remember feeling this way at the start of my switch over a decade ago, when there were no online stores to order from (hard to believe, I know โ€“ even Love Lula didnโ€™t exist back then) and the only organic face balm cleanser I could find had a price tag of more than 50โ‚ฌ. Thankfully we all came a long way since, and I am here to help you find all the best natural stuff โ€“ without the hefty price tags! I have had a good long thinking session about it and here are my picks in all areas. Trust me, natural products can be done well even on a budget.


Bloomtown is a brand I discovered when I tested/judged for The Beauty Shortlist Awards last year and it was so good I had to come back and blog about it (here). Practically all the items in the range are well under 10ยฃ and that price point pleases me so much. No palm oil and scents sooo good you just want to use this stuff over anything else you own. Contains perfume though, so it depends on your level of purity. I have a very sensitive skin and Iโ€™ve experienced no problems.

Ayumi products
Ayumi products


Another great budget brand to come to Love Lula recently(ish) is Ayumi โ€“ I wanted to know more as soon as I saw the products & I wrote my thoughtsย hereย andย here. Not everything is at purist level natural, so I skipped skincare and went mainly for products that I can wash off โ€“ shampoos, scrubs, which the whole family enjoyed and have repurchased or oils, which are clean. And good. I will continue to use the line and trying new products, want to try Sandalwood body oil next.

Alteya Organics Certified Organic Facial Sprays/ Mists
Alteya Organics Certified Organic Facial Sprays/ Mists


Alteya Organics is a brand that hails from Thracian Kings Valley in Bulgaria, they grow their own roses and produce not only essential oils but also natural products infused with them. I loved what I have tried so far and I can definitely recommend. As this is a post on a budget products, I would go for their certified organic floral waters, my favourite are rose and chamomile ones (reviewedย here) but thereโ€™s more to choose from and also their rosehip or jojoba face oils, again, certified organic โ€“ but without hefty price tag! Both really really good.


There was the time that I was absolutely dying to try Natura Siberica because I knew they used extracts of wildcrafted plants, so I was hoping they were budget ISUN skincare, but they are not. Most of the stuff is way too fragranced for me to handle, so now I only go for shampoos, washes and body scrubs, but if you have no issues with fragrance, please feel free to sample the whole range, practically everything is budget priced, with some exceptions of targeted skincare.


Neals Yard Remedies is a brand that has my respect for years, I have been a customer for the last five years if not more. Really good quality products with highly organic percentages, and the company does everything right in my mind. Anything that can be sustainable, is, anything that can be organic, is, anything that can be carbon free, is. I could go on, they were one of the firsts in the field, looong before it was trendy to care for the plants or the earth. While most of the products are not budget at all, I will admit to that, but may I bring your attention to their baby range, which is affordable and pure? And grab their hand cream while you are at it, I find them really good for the day time.


They do lots of different pure and organic single ingredient oils, hydrosols, butters and some ready made products too. All Ecocert certified, no less. Perfect if you are a purist โ€“ a lot of their products are under 10ยฃ, just pick and choose what you want or need. Another brand you might want to check out is Balm Balm?


Organii Everyday Organics
Organii Everyday Organics


Organii was launched as a personal care brand by Pravera, one of the UKโ€™s leading distributors in the natural and organic skincare & cosmetics sector. The brand has a collection of 30+ products now including cream soaps, liquid soaps, shower gels, plasters, mouthwash, sun care, hand care, skin care and health care! Each product within the range is certified natural and organic; all the soaps and shower gels are ECOCERT1 certified, whilst the plasters carry the ICEAยฒ logo. All products other than the plasters are also Certified Vegan. See full reviewย here.


These seem to be the most cost effective ranges from Love Lula. I think that you can do a nice make up look with cheap cosmetics, taking care of the skin is way more important โ€“ so I would skimp on make up and spend on skincare. While I am yet to try loads from Benecos myself, my blogger friend Evelyn from We Were Raised By Wolves just reviewed their make up, see itย here. I have a review on Lavera make up โ€“ see itย here. My own personal make up is a right mix of higher end and budget products. Higher price does not necessarily mean good product, so pick from all price ranges and stick with what works. I am yet to trade my Alverde brow products for something more pricy, because it works and why would I pay more, right? Same with lip liners, but I am yet to find cheapie mascara that would work for me, I keep trying but I canโ€™t win on this front for some strange reason.


Hereโ€™s what I would choose if I had to repurchase my stash all over again on a budget:

Body wash โ€“ย Ayumi Sandalwood & Jojoba Soap 100g โ€“ ยฃ2.49

Body scrub โ€“ย Ayumi Sandalwood Body Scrub 200ml โ€“ ยฃ6.99

Body oil โ€“Bloomtown The Hedgerow Nourishing Dry Oil 100ml โ€“ ยฃ10

Body cream โ€“ย Benecos Sea Buckthorn & Orange 150ml โ€“ ยฃ5.95

Shampoo โ€“ย Ayumi Argan & Sandalwood Hair Shampoo 250ml โ€“ ยฃ6.99

Conditioner โ€“ sorry, no recs, I use hair oils instead.

Hair Oil โ€“ย Ayumi Bio Active Growth Hair Oil 150ml โ€“ ยฃ8.99

Deodorant (sans soda) โ€“ย Elsaโ€™s Organic Skin Foods 45g โ€“ ยฃ12

Lip Balm โ€“ย Hurraw Moon Balm 4.3g โ€“ ยฃ4.99

Face cream โ€“ choose according to your skin type please. My own skin is uber sensitive and dermatitis prone, so understandably I am too afraid to switch my skincare, especially knowing from experience I react to 95% of other products when I do. It takes weeks weeks to heal an outbreak, so please excuse me if I wonโ€™t embark on this journey much further. Heard good things about Laidbare though?

Face oil โ€“ย Alteya Certified Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil 20ml โ€“ ยฃ8.75


Face/ Hair Mist โ€“ย Alteya Organics Certified Organic Rose Water 100ml โ€“ ยฃ7.20

Perfume โ€“ย Walden roll onsย orย Bloomtown roll ons 10ml โ€“ 4.80ยฃ

Etc โ€“ย Organii Organic Cotton Patches (from 2.95ยฃ),ย Lyons Cotton Face Cloth (only 1.99ยฃ),ย Preserve Razorsย ( 9.95ยฃ),



*A few thoughts after posting – You can also collect points to get ยฃยฃ off your next purchase, so make sure to create an account with them if you haven’t already. Also, watch the deals like a hawk (I know I do, it pays to follow me, lol!) as well as checking out their sale section frequently. They often have good sales on more expensive beauty products, but once they are gone, they are gone, so grab something you fancy fast. Another thing I would recommend you do is keeping an eye on this section here – you can get past beauty boxes for far much cheaper than the products are worth individually (with an added bonus of seeing what actually comes in the box), but once again, they go fast. Also remember Love Lula ships for free worldwide for all orders 15ยฃ plus – so easily done!

And last, but least of my tips – maybe, just maybe you might want to subscribe to Love Lula Beauty Box? It is perfect if you love surprises and want to try lots of clean products at a fraction of the cost! I have been getting the boxes for the last two years and I can vouch for it, amazing value guaranteed on a consistent basis – July’s box is worth whopping 101ยฃ – no kidding! The lowest I have seen is 49.95ยฃ and they are working hard at making the selection the best possible, you can expect everything from skincare, body care, hair care, less frequently make up. You know those flimsy one use sachet samples? Not here! Well, very rarely – you are almost guaranteed 3-4 full size products every month. Want a sneak preview on many boxes to date? Check my posts on All Things Love Lula here ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s it for today, thanks for reading! Please like and share my posts on social media, it really helps to get the green beauty word out โ€“ and you will forever have my gratitude!











Lots of Love,


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