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Many thanks for stopping by! I hope You will like what you see here – I am a green beauty and natural/ eco/ sustainable lifestyle blogger, blogging and loving it since 2009. Please make sure to check out my previous blog here for 400+ blog posts – it is full of clean beauty reviews, tips, tricks, favourites, empties, you name it, it is there. If you want to know good products from the bad, what works, what doesn’t, you are in the right place! If a product is brilliant, I will make sure to shout from the rooftops about it, if it doesn’t work, I will also tell you, clearly listing the reasons why I didn’t like it. In my mind natural products have to be not only natural, but also do what they are claiming to do – if the cream promises you the world but in reality you are left with greasy face and blocked pores, chances are you have a bad product in your hands.  There are so many better natural alternatives out there, and makes sure to follow me to find them 🙂


Clean Beauty Awards Judge

Proud Judge of Cert Clean Clean Beauty Awards for the second year in the row
Proud Judge of Cert Clean Clean Beauty Awards for the second year in the row

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019 Judge

The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2018 Judge

Bella Aura Skincare Ambassador

Bella Aura Ambassador – use my code RENATA15 to save 15% off your order from their website
Love Lula Accredited Blogger

Love Lula Accredited Blogger

Very happy Love Lula blogger blogging my way through their products since May 2017. See 85+posts in this FB album here.


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