Monthly Musings – Covidiocy, protect the children, praying for the world

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Can we talk about not beauty? And a few elephants in the room for that matter? You might have noticed my absence on social media lately and it is because of a couple of reasons I will talk about today. Well, I think it is hard to find a person in this world not to be affected by this p.l.a.n.demic (well, apart from those who planned it obviously). First of all, the virus has a patent on it, and as we all know, nature cannot be patented. Patent involves three sixes by the way. What is the story with that?

Why the same person holding the patent on it is manufacturing the (v)accine? Also with three sixes in the patent? Also involving GMO ingredients, synthetic RNA,  completely new synthetic delivery system (enzyme?) called Luciferaze (do you like the name?!) which is supposed to glow under the certain light to show proof that You have been vaccinated, as well as the “usual” mix of heavy metals (above “safe” levels x1000s) and.. I cannot stomach to say this, but aborted human cells. The (v)accine trials have been disastrous, all the animals have died, 90% of the humans got huge negative health implications, so what are the world leaders doing? Changing the laws to bypass the usual trial period of course. The next step will be mandatory (v)accinations) I am presuming?

Why the (v)accines are pushed on us for something that has 99.98% survival rate? Assuming those figures are correct, which I doubt very much they are?

Why are we still social distancing, when this has NEVER been proven effective? Why the mandatory masks are pushed on us in month 7 of the Covidiocy madness?

Why the whole world was put under the house arrest for months on end?

Why were economies destroyed all over the world?

Why were the big corporations like Amazon, Walmart and such had stratospheric profits when small businesses all over the world suffered and/or closed down?

Why alcohol, marihuana, vape, cigarette and even lottery businesses were deemed “essential” and allowed to stay open since the beginning of lockdown? Really?

This gets even more ridiculous, why did construction sites employed by government were deemed essential when private ones were shut down?

I fully understand food & medical industries workers deemed essential, but cigarettes/ alcohol/ anything that pads government pockets? Does it not lose the credibility right in your mind?

Why so many of us had to lose jobs, income and still live this half-life with restrictions in every step? A year later??

When was the last time police and the military patruled the streets when the some sort of sickness hit us? Norovirus? Cow’s disease? Swine flu? Each of them claimed far more lives and yet nothing like this was happening!

Do not get me started on the mental damage this is doing for our children! We are being conditioned to fear other human beings, live this plexi-glass cubicle life 2m from each other from now on. Really?

Why are real doctors all over the world censored once they speak the real truth or even question the narrative that is pushed down our throats?

What’s up with the financial bribes to doctors to diagnose C*ovid 19 vs the regular flu? Coming into tens of thousands if the patient ended up in the hospital on the ventilators?

What’s up with the orders for doctors not to use regular respirator oxygen machines (there’s a video of ER doctor showing this stuff) and let the person crash until he/she ends up on the ventilator.

What’s up with doctors all over the word admitting that multiple people have been killed because of incorrect treatments/ pressure?

Why the virus seems to so selective that it “attacks” certain people and not the others? Have we seen selective pandemic at any stage in the history?

Why it can attack you in the church but not Walmart? What about all the people in the streets protecting for Black Lives Matter? If the figures presented to us are correct, where’s the outbreak after any of the protests?

Why were 5G towers erected all over the world during first few weeks of lockdown? Knowing full well the damage to the human bodies? Do you know how much money was spent researching the effect of 5G on human body? 0 dollars. 0 euros. I am not kidding you, research it for yourself.

Why are restrictions tightening day by day? What’s with the talks of no travels and no public transport, no entrance practically anywhere if you chose not (v)accinate? Because this is where we are going right now, all you have to do is replace “no mask, no entry” with “no v@ccine, no entry” next.

What’s up with Kill Bill funding project to release 750m genetically modified mosquitoes in America?? How it is not a crime against humanity?

What’s up with the Fauci saying we will not be able to shake hands ever again? Where it is going? No contact humanity from now on?

What’s up with no government ever mentioning natural ways to boost immune system or even herd immunity? More than that, continuously releasing statements that there’s nothing in the natural world to help you.

What’s up with denying hydrochloride (or whatever that malaria drug is called) or pulling it out of the market altogether, so we can’t get hands on it?

What’s up with social media adding “C@vid19 resources” to my blog page? Or Instagram constantly pushing me to follow WHO (World Health Organization) and HSE, Irish version of it every time I go to browse? Remind me when did that happen when Norovirus or birds flu was around?

I am not denying the virus exists, it is real, people do get sick and I am so sorry for those of us who had to leave this Earth prematurely because of it. All I am trying to say that nothing this year makes sense, aside with this new virus, there’s many other things happening simultaneously that should not be happening and it is definitely not for goodness of humanity. Take “cash shortage” for example, do you really believe it? How can cash go suddenly get “short” when all of us were at home and barely spending any?It is technocracy pushing for cashless society and one world order, no less.

Here is a similar but more scientific and fact based post by Ty & Charlene Bollinger of The Truth About Cancer & The Truth about Vaccines. Dr. Mercola also has real truth with scientific evidence on this topic – he is heavily censored and targeted though.

Beacons of light and truth to follow if you don’t know these people already: Mercola and his wife at Health Nut, David Avocado Wolfe, David Icke, Brian Rose of London Real, Del Bigtree, Sayer Ji, Ty & Charlene Bollinger of The Truth About Vaccines, Christiane Northrdrup, Tays Way, Dr Sherri Tenpenny – they give me the hope I so desperately need.

Do not let me started on children sex trafficking! This had me breaking down multiple times ever since I learned about it. If you haven’t heard about it yet, make sure to educate yourself on it like your life depends on it. It is censored like crazy, but it is still pops up on the internet. I knew pedophilia exists but l was so oblivious to the fact to the scale of it and the fact that all our children are in danger of grooming via internet! Make sure to get the appropriate measures with their devices, limiting screen times and especially do not allow gadgets in their bedrooms at night. Watch what games they play and what apps they use, this is where the grooming is happening. Watch the movie OUT OF THE SHADOWS, as well as The Silent Children Documentary – the latter is saved in my Youtube Favourites playlist, but I am not sure how long. Did you know that two producers were murdered post release? Apparent suicide, just like many other people who tried to either expose the pedofiles rings or severe them altogether, like JKF Kennedy. So imagine the scale of this cabal if they are not afraid to take presidents out.

So yes, it is ain’t well for all of us right now. I just hope and pray to God that more and more of us will wake up to what’s really going on behind the scenes, rise up and say “NO MORE”. Because we, the people, hold the power. If we let cabal and governments have their way, very soon we will be chipped and tracked within the inch of our lives. Will we allow that to happen?

Broken hearted, but still, sending love and light to the World.


Green Life In Dublin - green beauty & eco lifestyle blog
Green Life In Dublin – green beauty & eco lifestyle blog

My Natural Bath & Shower Products – YouTube Collaboration

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My natural bath & shower products - Green Life In Dublin
My natural bath & shower products – Green Life In Dublin

How are all of You, I hope You are well? Today I am coming at You with another Youtube video collaboration with my Natural Beauty Sisters on what natural and organic bath & shower products I use. Let’s have a look?

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Green Life In Dublin loves Living Libations Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever [AD]

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Green Life In Dublin loves Living Libations Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever [AD]
Green Life In Dublin loves Living Libations Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever [AD]
Hope life is treating You well, as much as possible? You guys know Living Libations & Dutch Health Store have my heart (check this FB album for 20+ reviews & posts if you don’t). I defy you to read any of their products ingredients list and Not To Fall In Love with it! Nadine is a true visionary and committed to provide the most natural products & essential oils there is. Everything is as organic as possible, wildcrafted, raw as much as it is possible, reef safe, beyond fair trade, gluten free, GMO free, food grade, synthetic free and animal friendly – if that does not make your heart sing, I don’t know what will!
Today I will be reviewing one of their Best Skin Ever oils, pretty much what Living Libations is famous for. Well, if Goop sells it and Caroline Hirons has a separate review on it, you can pretty much assume it has made it!

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Natural Vitamins & Supplements I take – YouTube Collaboration

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Natural Supplements I take
Natural Supplements I take

Got wind in my sails today, not only I published a post earlier today, now I am filming a Youtube video for You guys on what natural supplements I take. Think Solgar, Better You, Kiki Health, Ener C, Fushi Naturals, medicinal mushrooms, baobab powder, all kinds of fun stuff. Shall we see?

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Evolve Organic Beauty Bio Retinol + C Skin Booster Review [AD]

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Evolve Organic Beauty Bio Retinol + C Skin Booster Review
Evolve Organic Beauty Bio Retinol + C Skin Booster Review

You probably already know my love for Evolve Organic Beauty brand. If not, hit up the search button for quite a few raving reviews of its products. This is going to be no exception, I have nothing but good things to say about their new release, Bio Retinol + C Skin Booster serum. Not too sure how, but the brand continues to impress me time and time again – and that’s a tall order! Shall we get into the details?

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Love Lula Blogger Picks – Fair Squared, Khadi, Kiki Health [AD]

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Love Lula Blogger Picks - Fair Squared, Kiki Health, Khadi
Love Lula Blogger Picks – Fair Squared, Kiki Health, Khadi

Reason #23589 I 💕 Love Lula* – You can get so many different things from it – from natural & organic cosmetics to zero waste body/ hair care to sustainable every day use items (bamboo straws, toothbrushes, cotton washcloths anyone?) to your healthier period products. Yes really! See this FB album for 100 Love Lula related posts 🙂

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What’s in my post? Blogger & personal haul July 2020

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What's in my post
What’s in my post – Green Life In Dublin

Hope life is treating You well? Today I will share with you what’s new in my stash, what have I been sent & purchased myself this month, hope You fill find it interesting and/or helpful.  Think Ere Perez, Inika, Terra Verdi, Evolve Organic Beauty, Earth Kind, Natural Wisdom Spa & more. All of these products are new to me, to they will be going into “Test Kitchen” side of the shelfie, and if You want to know what products I have been loving recently, You can check my latest post or YouTube video here – why, yes, I am freshly baked Youtuber now 🙂

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