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About me:

The only blogger in Ireland that pays attention to the ingredients and what they are doing to you! Clean Beauty Awards Judge since 2018.  I am a big advocate of being an informed consumer. This blog is a passion project of mine with a mission to help all of you to switch to natural and non toxic products. Ditch conventional beauty and skincare stuff, there are way better alternatives available, and they work even better! Follow me and you will see 🙂 Sharing my views from very sensitive and dermatitis prone skin perspective.

Be sure to bookmark www.greenlifeindublin.com as one of your favourite websites. Also see my previous blog https://greelifeindublin.blogspot.com for 400+ posts on all things natural, organic & sustainable. Thanks for reading!

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I sometimes feature affiliate links and products sent to me for my consideration, but that’s not always the case – I love sharing green beauty love in general. Opinions are mine and always honest. Honesty is my best policy, and whether I like the product or not, I will always say so. I count myself lucky to receive PR samples, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to bring you as much content as I do now – I would be blogging about minimalism and DIYs otherwise, haha! Both of those things are awesome, and I love them, but as a blogger I feel responsibility to bring broader content at all price points. Yes, I am a lucky duck to receive PR samples, but are they really free if I work for them? I know a lot of people are touchy feely about this subject but I want you to understand this – PR samples are pure business transaction and nothing more. It’s not because the brands or online shops like certain bloggers (or other influencers) enough to gift them products. The PR products are a part of their marketing budget and they send them in exchange for a review and/or social media feature – and this comes back tenfold in form of sales for them. Up until like five years ago I genuinely didn’t know things like these existed – I blogged for years out of sheer passion (my blog is almost a decade old) funding my way through it all. This clearly indicates I am not in it for money or quick fame – I switched and blogged about all things natural long before it was a fashionable thing to do! I started accepting PR in a bid to broaden my content (I was a stay at home mom for many years, now I only work weekends because of the lack of childcare and lack of funds for childcare, so my play money are next to non existent). For the longest time (years to be exact) I went back and forth whether or not to monetise my blog, but I decided to go ahead after hearing one phrase that resonated deeply with me  – “If your blog is bringing value, it is normal to want return for it”. I would like to believe I bring value to the table – even after all these years your messages saying how I helped you switch to the green side and/or find your best products are still music to my ears!  So I decide to monetise in form of affiliate links to brands/ online shops whose values align with me. Honesty is my best policy, and it sets me apart from other bloggers, so if I like something well enough to talk about it, you know it is got to be good!  Opinions are always mine and mine alone, no one can pay me enough to put words into my mouth – and I would never endorse any product I don’t genuinely believe in myself.  If you will use those links, I want you to know they are at no additional cost to you, as a consumer – and you will have my eternal gratitude.

If you are a brand reading this, please feel free to contact me for collaboration, but please note that if you send me products, a separate review post on them is not a guaranteed deal. Absolutely no amount of bullying in form of passive aggressive behaviour will be tolerated.