Spring 2024 Natural & Eco Favourites – Green Life In Dublin

Spring 2024 Natural & Eco Favourites - Green Life In Dublin

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Spring 2024 Natural & Eco Favourites - Green Life In Dublin
Spring 2024 Natural & Eco Favourites – Green Life In Dublin

How are You all, I hope You are all right? Let’s pause life/work/volunteering/family/dog/friends loop for a second and think of what have we enjoyed recently? Mine are below.

To be honest with You, I have no plan for this post, it is very impromptu, but at the same time these tend to be my best posts, so let’s go 🙂

What's in my mail? April 24 - Green Life In Dublin
What’s in my mail? April 24 – Green Life In Dublin

Trying new natural & organic products

After a bit of a intentional pause, I am now enjoying trying quite a few new-to-me natural products. Mostly Irish or from Irish natural shops. Think tallow and seaweed soaps, CBD face serums and more. Check out post “what’s in my mail” if You want to know more.

What’s in my mail? April 24 – Green Life In Dublin

Slow Fashion Year - January to April - Green Life In Dublin
Slow Fashion Year – January to April – Green Life In Dublin


If You know me for quite some time, You would know that I love thrifting, I have been shopping at charity shops since I was 13. So quite a few decades of thrifting experience under my belt 🙂 I still enjoy it and congratulate myself every time I find a bargain that I know I will find a good use for. You can still have style if You shop at charity shops and car boot sales, I promise You that. I have been joking that I absolutely love fashion, but I want to do it in 3.99 kind of way 🙂 In fact, I renewed my “Slow Fashion Year” project recently, check the post below if You are interested. In it I give my best tips on how to find the best bargains, what to buy and what to skip at the charity shops. I also give detailed list of what exactly I bought this year so far and how much everything cost. By the way, thrifting is not limited to clothes either – look out for kitchen gadgets, decor and even second hand furniture too. Since moving in I managed to buy five pieces of quality furniture for quite cheap and plan to enjoy them for decades to come.

Slow Fashion Year 2024 – January to April – Green Life In Dublin

Nature & Foraging

When nature springs back to life, it brings me joy. It is even clear to see in my Instagram feed. It is full of blooms of all kinds. Foraging comes hand in hand with budding nature for me. I was very happy to find edible plants on my dog walks. No one but me seems to be interested in foraging. It is early days still, but do look out for wild garlic & three way leek in the woods, cherry blossoms and magnolias (both edible), nettles and the like. Nature provides us with free food and medicine, why don’t we use it?


Take it with a large pinch of salt, but I started gardening for the first time after decades. I do not have green thumb (I wish I did) or any plot of soil/ grass, so first year of gardening in the pots it is. Send me all the tips! I planted lavender at the front of the house, in my mind it should be easy care plant that not only would look nice, but it would also be food for the bees and (hopefully) would deter neighbourhood cats. I also bought magnolia tree and planned to put it out at the front of the house too, but it nearly died on me in less than a week. It is back inside for now, seems to be recovering a bit, but I need Your tips and good vibes! At the back of the house, I stole my husband’s ladder to make it into makeshift plant pot holder & I currently have a few nasturtiums, thyme, lemongrass, parsley, onions & a few sprigs of blueberries. Found latter in the Dealz for all of the places! Imagine my surprise. Do look into these cheap shops for gardening supplies though, much cheaper than gardening centres. I bought loads of supplies, including organic seaweed fertilizer there.

Monthly Musings August 23 – Adopted Dog, New Home, New Start

Milo the naughty boy

Our fostered border collie has just turned one. Ms. Green Life In Dublin Jr made a birthday happen for him – including puppy cake, balloons, family feast AND a shopping spree at Maxi Zoo. Insert eye roll here. The things we do for our kids. Sigh.

The reason Milo finally is making into my favourites list is that he seems to be calming down and vibing with me better these days. I took it into my stride to care for him to the best of my ability, but there was (is?) a big temperament mismatch between of us. I wish I did a research on how bloody active border collies are BEFORE adopting him, not after. At this stage of my life I was hoping to semi retire and live a quiet life and yet I found myself caring for hyper active puppy for the last year. With all the other family members out of the house for the majority of the day, bulk of the care fell on me. I didn’t have an easy time with him, think mischief and activity level of a toddler multiplied times ten! Destroyed belongings, broken glass, multiple toilet accidents & other mischiefs later he seems to finally understand that I have other responsibilities in life and stopped destroying stuff when I am not looking. He is still as active as ever, but he is also learning to play with his toys by himself (finally) or go hang out in the back garden without coming to me for the next command every half a minute. This means we are both more relaxed around each other and more happy overall. The family that we adopted him from dropped for the unexpected visit a couple of weeks ago and they said they are very happy Milo ended up with us – it was very clear to see that he is happy and well taken care of.

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That’s it for today, many thanks for reading. I truly appreciate You taking the time of Your days to visit my little corner of internet. See You here next Tuesday, my posting days.

Please le me know what are You enjoying lately? I would love to know!


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