Slow Fashion Year Project – June 2024– Green Life In Dublin

Slow Fashion Year Project – June 2024– Green Life In Dublin

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Slow Fashion Year Project – June 2024– Green Life In Dublin
Slow Fashion Year Project – June 2024– Green Life In Dublin

Hope You are well! After talking a bit of a pause from buying clothes in May, I am back with a post on my project Slow Fashion Year. Let’s see what I bought and why?

Quick recap, this year is the second Slow Fashion Year project I am doing. You can see all that I bought this year so far in this post below, as well as my best tips and tricks on how to score the best bargains and what to look out for in the charity shops. I’ve been thrifting for 30 years give or take, so I might have picked up a thing or two.

Slow Fashion Year 2024 – January to April – Green Life In Dublin

So, back to June and the purchases this month.

June 24 Where from Paid Month total Year total
Jessica Simpson sunglasses TKMaxx 20
True Religion sunglasses TKMaxx 27
Stripy short sleeved top charity shop 2
Leopard print dress charity shop 2
Orla Kiely bag charity shop 9
Zara brown flats (new) charity shop 3
2 large silver colour rings carboot sale 8
White shorts charity shop 4
Grey cashmere short sleeved top
charity shop 4
Long asymmetrical necklace charity shop 2 81

Now for some photos:

My thoughts:

I am glad I took pause in May. What I haven’t realized until today, that I bought 10 things in June…  I am well past “retail therapy” years, so I know I will use everything I bought & I am mot buying for the sake of buying. While the dress will require some fixing (way too big for me), the rest of the stuff is already in heavy rotation, especially sunnies and flats- it is only when the weather warmed up that I remembered that I have donated/ recycled all of my summer shoes last year prior move. Suddenly I found myself with nothing, so these came home with me. Usually I draw the line at buying second hand shoes (soles coming apart, heel breaking stories in my first post) but these were clearly new and I’ve sanitized them really well as not to pick anything up. Why two pairs of sunglasses, You might ask? Well, with my small face it it REALLY hard to find a pair that suits – it takes months, honestly. Plus I like this particular style large rectangles, which is also hard to find to suit me. So when I surprisingly found two and at really good prices, I had to have them. I am not hoarding them either, I have donated two pairs to charity and broke one pair, so it is in to replace what’s out situation. Looking at the pictures, I am realizing I have already worn everything I am showing You here, which is a good thing. (With an exception of the dress, which needs alterations – and me needing a quiet minute to sit down to do it). At the moment of posting this, we have a few days left into a month, so I will be sure to update if I buy anything else. Hey, if thrifting works for Jennifer Lopez, it surely works for me too 🙂

Many thanks for choosing to spend time with me, I really appreciate that.

Are You shopping for second hand anything? Fashion, handbags, furniture? What were Your best scores? Please share with me, I would love to know!



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Ta ta for now.

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