2022 Best Series – Natural & Organic Make Up – Green Life In Dublin

2022 Best Series – Health & Wellness – Green Life In Dublin

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2022 Best Series – Natural & Organic Skincare – Green Life In Dublin
2022 Best Series – Natural & Organic Make Up – Green Life In Dublin

Yearly Best Products posts & videos are my jam, so let’s add my two cents to it. If Green Life In Dublin Awards existed, these would be it!

Today is a fun day post – make up! Please check out the search box for more thoughts and reviews of the products, almost all of the products will have more info about them. I have over 75 make up related posts.

This year I will do it a bit differently, I will crown the best product in each category and I will add runner ups too. A lot of products will be repeats from my previous years but I have no shame about it. Please remember that I am a solo woman project, not someone with a production team and endless supply of PR.

For the reference, I am over 40, skin is very sensitive, dry and dermatitis prone (yes I know I am lucky girl), body skin is normal though. Hair is thin, but lots of it and it is in two minds whether it wants to be wavy or straight. 2c-ish taking in curl language. I am very holistically minded, the wellness cannot be separated and shall be included too. Let’s start?


Foundation – mineral

Winner 1: Pure Anada Mineral Foundation

Winner 2: The English Mineral Make Up Company Mineral Foundation

Foundation – liquid

Winner: Inika Liquid Foundation

No runners up as that was the only foundation I used the whole year. I tried some others but nothing was close enough to my liking.


Winner: Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer

No runners up as this is my Holy-Grail die-hard workhorse concealer for more than a decade. I gave up trying others, because nothing came close. My search for the best natural concealer is well and truly over.

Blush – powder

Winner: Pure Anada Mineral Blush in Forever Summer

Runner Up: Arho Beauty


Blush – cream/ multiple

Winner: Honest Beauty cream blush

Runner Up: Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot

Bronzer – powder

Winner: Inika Baked Mineral Bronzer


Winner: Hynt Beauty Pinkibelle

Runners Up: RMS Beauty in Vogue Rose and Pretty Vacant


Winner: Living Libations Raven Maven Mascara

Runner Up: Inika Bold Lash Mascara

eye liner – pencil

Winner: Ere Perez Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil

Not that it is particularly amazing, it’s because that was the only one I used all year. Came from Naturisimo Beauty box.

brows – pencil

Winner: Pure Anada

Runner Up: The English Mineral Make Up Company

Brows – pomade

Hynt Beauty Brow Pomade

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Please be advised that there are entire categories of products I don’t use, like primers, setting sprays, tan or hair styling anything. That’s why You didn’t see certain products in my post. In fact I wrote entire blog post on nearly 50 products & categories of products I am skipping. Look for it in the search bar if You are interested.

Thanks so much for reading and spending Your time at my little corner of internet, I appreciate that. What make up products have You enjoyed this last year? Anything You would recommend?

See You here next Tuesday, my posting days xoxo


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Green Life In Dublin - natural & organic products + life
Green Life In Dublin – natural & organic products + life