Natural Make Up Look & Call for Clean Beauty Awards

Cert Clean Judge, natural make up look

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Cert Clean Judge, natural make up look
Natural make up look/ proud Cert Clean Judge 2019

Nice to see You back here. Today’s post is going to serve dual purpose, firstly I will walk you through my make up look & I am going to take this opportunity to call all the natural make up/ perfume brands to enter Clean Beauty Awards here –  the deadline is open till November 16, 2019.

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Ever since I posted this look on the ‘gram, I received a ton of compliments – thank you!!! – and a ton of questions to what’s exactly on my face. So today’s post is the answer of your questions. Please excuse non-Instagram worthy picture, maybe I should re-do it 🙂

So let’s get started – the base is W3LL People Biotint Multiaction SPF30 Moisturizer (what a name, huh? Say that three times fast) It is exactly what I have been wearing daily for about 1.5 years straight, with no desire to switch to anything else. Enough coverage to cover my dermatitis patch with SPF30, what more can I want?  Works perfectly well for cool climate I live in, the only time it failed me when I went to Spain and the coverage melted in the heat, see this post here.  I was ever so slightly disappointed at that, but since coming to ever so cool Ireland, this product and I are besties again. (I did not burn though and it was the only face SPF product I used). *Update from 2020 – the brand has sold out and lost me as a customer). Next is Hynt Beauty concealer, which is my love through and through, tried and tested for more than half of a decade. I have not one, but two reviews on it (here and here) and I always come back to this, no matter what other concealers I try. One the eyes I am wearing Golden Oyster by Inika, that shadow duo (and the brand) get a lot of my love, review coming soon. Also by Inika are the Long Lash Mascara and the Peachy Keen blush – the latter is probably my Favourite Green Beauty Product Ever. It is the most gorgeous coral shade with gold specs in it – perfect natural Nars Orgasm dupe, no less! See this post for 20+ more dupes, all natural of course! On my lips is Vogue Rose by RMS Beauty, one of my recent make up additions (review) and one of the things I absolutely love. This is make up look good for any occasion I find, nice and cheery for daytime & good enough for all kinds of occasions, really.

Now, for the second part of this blog post – as you can see from the logo, I am judging for Clean Beauty Awards for the second year running, and luckily for me, I got chosen for the make up category – yay! So I want to take this as an opportunity to call the natural and organic make up (and perfume and nail polish) – the deadline has been extended to November 16, so please walk this way –link 🙂

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