Monthly Musings February 2022 – No Buy Month, Yoga, Clean Beauty Awards, New IG Pages

Monthly Musings January 2022 - Green Life In Dublin

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome back! And welcome if You are new here ???

Monthly Musings January 2022 - Green Life In Dublin

Blog post at the eleventh hour, anyone? 🙂 Time for Monthly Musings.

This is probably going to be the shortest blog post in the history of Green Life In Dublin. If You read any of my posts, You know I write a lot, I research and review products and brands extensively and I take my time for such reviews. Well, now I am in the middle of such projects, but nothing to report of just yet. From time to time I write Monthly Musings posts, which is why You are here, but I am a bit of a pickle here too. Nothing exciting or joyous to report/cite from outer world, and my inner world has no joy in it at the moment either. Things went from bad to worse and then stabilized a bit, but it is not back to normal yet. Father is out the hospital, but has breathing problems, is on tons on meds and has HEART RESTART operation looming soon. Needless to say I am besides myself with worry and probably sometimes too prickly from too much stress. It translated into work life and home life when I said no to things that could be done without me & people were none too pleased. All I can say, when it rains, it pours. I can’t wait to close this chapter in my life. Don’t we all feel over stressed/ over stretched/ like in two years nightmare of our lives? No? Just me? Alright then, I probably need a good rest.

To add to that I have decided to make February a No Buy Month, I talked my family into it and I failed first 🙂 I got into a habit of tracking all my expenses into a small notebook & I was astonished to see I have spent 23eu for kid’s treats in first five days alone. The plan was 2eu worth treat at the end of each week! Ha! What happened was we went into 2eu shop post GP (doctor’s) visit – it is very hard to say no to kid when everything is so cheap there, so I parted with 12eu there. Then Friday came and we bought that one treat that we agreed on, costing 2.5eu. When dada came home with no usual Friday’s crisps, the kid was very upset, so I volunteered to pop to local Centra to get some. She asked if she could come along & lo behold I spent another 8.5eu there. It is very much an eye opener when You start tracking Your expenses regularly, I am telling You. We are only eight days into the No Buy, but I don’t see us (me!) lasting the challenge – I never wanted to shop so badly, literally all I want to do is to browse the sales and convince myself that I “need” this or that. I suddenly “need” to replace worn down winter jacket or “need” to replace this or that product that just ran out or about to run out.. I mean I cannot live without my beloved Golden Shroom Latte from Live In The Light! And look at those Valentine Day treats they have! Or new products at Dutch Health Store? Dreamy.. I tell myself I absolutely need to get Sandalwood water from Lepaar and I need to blog about the new RMS Eye Thingies.. I need them for blogging purposes, right? It is a very valid excuse in my mind 🙂 I also cannot wait for new Love Lula revamp, coming our way soon.

Or we *need* to treat ourselves to a new local take away for Valentine’s? It’s good to support local businesses, right?

What I probably failed to mention is that I have decided to stop drinking, so there’s no “relief” or hiding from difficult feelings. Wish me luck in both cases!

I also tried something new – at 42 years young I went to yoga classes for the first time. Turns out I am the most inflexible uncoordinated hooman, but I will try to persevere. I am a bit perplexed why I am so bad at this, I used to play table tennis for 12 years in my day, meaning I did have stamina and coordination at some point in my life. Could be the inner ear infection(s) to blame?

One silver lining news that came in these recent weeks was that I have been asked to judge in Cert Clean Clean Beauty Awards 2022, making it fourth year in the row. Thanks for having me Cert Clean, I am in with both feet!

I also created a new few IG pages, just letting You know. I thought it is a good idea to expand and sort of group content by categories/ interests, but I am not too sure I can upkeep with that much social media upkeep. We shall see. If it fits Your specific interest, You might want to follow any of my new pages, if not, no big deal and no hard feelings!



That’s all for today. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it more that You know!

Sending LOVE & LIGHT!


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