November 23 Loves – Evolve Organic Beauty, Live In The Light Christmas Box & more

November 23 Loves - Evolve Organic Beauty, Live In The Light Christmas Box & more

Hi Lovelies,

Welcome back! And welcome if You are new here xo

November 23 Loves - Evolve Organic Beauty, Live In The Light Christmas Box & more
November 23 Loves – Evolve Organic Beauty, Live In The Light Christmas Box & more

How are all of You, I hope You are good? Another month is drawing to a close, so that calls for a recent favourites post, no?

In no particular order here are the things I am enjoying lately:

EVOLVE ORGANIC BEAUTY Timeless Renewal Hand Cream & Blue Velvet Ceramide Serum

I feel like a broken record by now saying how much I love Evolve Organic Beauty for years and years now. But I do! Many of their products are in my current stash and rotation, I am putting these two to the forefront for now due to the needs of my skin. There’s also Blue Tansy Balm, which I also need to add to the rota – I need to see if it would protect my skin in ever dropping temperatures. The serum has been amazing to my skin and I ought to review it separately for that reason. Ladies with blemished and sensitive skin, take note.

The hand cream is rich, nourishing and moisturising, but sinks into my skin fast, leaving no oily residue. Perfect if You ask me.

Arvena Anti Age Stem Cell Face Cream

I also wanted to draw Your attention to this natural Bulgarian brand and product. It has been great at eliminating redness and making all kinds of other changes to my skin in short period of time. They contacted me via Instagram and it took a bit of convincing for me to take it, but I am so glad I took a chance. This moisturiser is their pride and joy – a collaboration with an innovative Bulgarian laboratory the first plant stem cells extracted from Damascena rose, rose hip and marigold. Proven anti-aging effect.
*results only 28 days* The brand is handmade and produced in Bulgaria.
The formulas are 100% natural and over 70% organic, no water in any formula, only organic damascena rose water or other floral waters and hydrolates. All packaging is glass. All formulas are vegan. This moisturiser is very light in texture, definitely took away the redness in a week and made my skin firmer and smoother in the next few weeks. It is designed to be used both AM and PM but due to winter and harsh weather I started adding it to emollient face cream I usually use at this time of the year and it worked perfectly well. You might want to check them out?


Live In The Light Christmas box 2023
Live In The Light Christmas box 2023

LIVE IN THE LIGHT CHristmas box 2023

I am so happy to have snatched the ever fabulous Live In The Light Christmas box this year. They do them for the last couple of years now and they do sell out like hot cakes, so do not sleep on it if You are reading this in November 23 🙂 This year I was so eager to get it that I emailed them asking when it is going on sale – way before they actually put one together 🙂 All this that You can see in the photo for only 47€, fabulous or what? I believe that would be the price of the Living Libations oil alone, so You are getting all of these extra goodies for free. FIY, I paid for it myself, I am not obliged to talk about it either, I am just an enthusiastic customer. I also got a little haul together with this box, some of replacements of Pure Anada things we needed and I was delighted to see a couple of surprises added. Thanks a millions LITL elves!


Innersense clarity haircare

I am happily joining Innersense hair care legion of fans. The products are fabulous and now I get the hype. Currently loving Clarity range, which I just reviewed, so please go check if out if You are interested in my thoughts on the products.

Innersense Organic Beauty hair care review – Green Life In Dublin


Gluten Free Dairy Free Cookbook

A score of the century at the thrift store. 300+ recipes GF DF cookbook cost me only 3€. Having been gluten and mostly dairy free for the last few years, I am good at adapting most of my previously loved dishes to GF versions, apart from one area – bread and baking. I suck at that because I never follow recipes and I do not even own food scales. So I am looking forward to trying something from bread & baking sections of this book. I tried one recipe, flatbreads, but it was a fail, largely due to me and not the fault of the book. I loosely freestyled the recipe and got hard bricks rather than soft and pliable flat breads. Oh well. Time for a kitchen scale, maybe 🙂

I posted the book on my Green Life In Dublin Cooks IG page, where I post some of the recipes I make, please give it a follow if You would be gluten free inclined?



Speaking of food, I have one more favourite for You courtesy of Dawn from The Clean Beauty Edit, if it wasn’t for her, I probably would have overlooked this fab natural and organic Plant Collagen mix of organic superfood powders designed to support Your skin’s natural collagen. It is plant based and vegan too.  It can be added to any drink from latte to smoothie and everything in between. Food too. So far I’ve enjoyed it in lattes, matcha lattes, I have baked GF orange cake with it, as well as flax and seed crackers. It tastes delicious in everything and I like that is not chalky like some of my other superfood powders are. Contains just 6 organic & ethically sourced ingredients; Tocos (Thailand), Pea Protein (Belgium), Tremella (China), Lucuma (Peru), Vanilla (Madagascar), Aloe Vera (China).

Changing Nature

I dislike cold with passion, but I have to say I am loving seeing changes in the nature, the leaves turning colours, then falling to the ground, the mushrooms popping some places and daily walks with Milo, our adorable but on so naughty border collie. Some people call it dead month, but I try to enjoy it to the best of my ability, particularly because it’s my birthday at the end of this month.


That’s it for today, thanks for reading! I would love to know Your current favourites too, please share them either in the comments here or on my social media.

Sending LOVE & LIGHT,


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