The Last Word – Green Life In Dublin

The Last Word - Green Life In Dublin

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The Last Word - Green Life In Dublin
The Last Word – Green Life In Dublin

How are all of You, I hope You are well? Today I am coming at You with a bit of a different post, just like I self interviewed for Janey Lee Grace’s book “Imperfectly Natural Woman” & Seven Secrets Of Wellbeing from The Beauty Bible, I am taking inspiration from Grazia’s column called “The Last Word”. In it lots of celebrities are asked about their various “lasts”, so I wan to join in the fun. Not that I think of myself as a celebrity, far from it. It just sounds like fun 🙂

The last book I read…

It’s a book that I would recommend to everyone – Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I’ve listened to it around five times before getting the actual book, this Irish author allowed me to change my way of thinking dropping a long list of “shoulds” and allowing myself simple pleasures in life, like eating from Your best china every day, planning for some treats in advance if I know I am to face rough day/ week ahead. It’s all about asking what would make me happy and doing more of that in my life. I swear, my notebooks are full of gems from this book!

The last TV box set I binged…

I don’t watch TV nor I do own any box sets, but I will confess of guilty pleasure of watching “Celebs Go Dating” – pure joy to watch, but not because of celebrities. The star of the show is narrator who absolutely roasts everyone – the show wouldn’t be the same without him. For the first few seasons I kept thinking to myself, this guy is so brilliant, he should be a comedian! Little did I know he actually is a comedian 🙂

The last piece I added to my wardrobe…

It’s probably Mint Velvet utility jacket for 10€ from a charity shop. Pity I can’t wear it for a few months till the weather warms up..

The last restaurant I ate in…

Thai restaurant in the town I recently moved into. The name shall remain secret, I don’t want to reveal the place I now live it nor I want to shame the restaurant for serving me the strangest pad thai I have ever eaten. That is my favourite dish to eat out, so I have had my fair share of them in my life. This one was something else, fruity and lemony (without me squeezing the added lemon to it). I probably will go back to the restaurant to give it a second chance, but I will order something else instead.

The last photo I took…

It’s of my dog, Milo The Naughty Boy digging up our local woods. I have hundreds of photos of him on my camera roll, but barely any photos of our new house. #priorities, huh? 🙂

The last gift I bought…

I can’t tell, it is for Secret Santa!

The last account I followed on Instagram…

Let me see, it is Higher Dose, a lifestyle brand who had products like PEMF mats. I discovered them via Dawn from The Clean Beauty Edit.

The last message I sent…

It’s confirmation of delivery time for the new furniture I’d bought for my daughter’s room.

The last fashion mistake I made…

I’ll borrow a quote from Daphne Guinness – not buying more of something I loved. If you find a piece or a pair of shoes you love and you can afford it, buy two!

The last app I downloaded…

I tend not to download any, but I downloaded Dunnes Stores app because it is my new go to, I shop there a lot.

The last brilliant piece of advice I was given…

No is a complete sentence.

The last thing people would guess about me…

I overthink a lot and worry way too much. I lose sleep and peace of mind over the things that are out of my control, like state of the world. The stabbing of school children is still something I still cry about and I pray for their healing ever since.

The last day I had off…

Does it really happen when You are a mom? A day off is very different from a day for myself, I haven’t had that in absolutely ages. Whether it is Your day off, the school run still needs to be done, the dog still needs to be walked, the dinner is not going to make itself either. And there’s never ending catch up of housework, from laundry to hoovering to grocery run to errands that You keep meaning to do but never find time. So, what is a day off again?

The last beauty product I finished..

It would be Evolve Organic Beauty Timeless Renewal hand cream. Love this brand so much! Whether You follow me for a couple of months or a couple of years, You would know it, I just don’t shut up talking about them. The products are so good that I convinced The Dutch Health Store to carry the brand. True story bro!

That’s it for now, many thanks for reading.


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Green Life In Dublin – natural & organic products + life