Shopping My Stash #12 – Evolve Organic Beauty, Alteya Organics & Zechsal magnesium

Natural Products Wishlist - Spring 2024 - Green Life In Dublin

Hi Lovelies,

Welcome if You are new here & welcome back for those of You who read my posts 🙂

Natural Products Wishlist - Spring 2024 - Green Life In Dublin
Natural Products Wishlist – Spring 2024 – Green Life In Dublin

Hope all of You are all right! Time to save some cash and shop my stash 🙂

Please step forward my beloved Evolve Organic Beauty, Alteya Organics and Zechsal magnesium.

In no particular order here are the products I am using right now.

Evolve Organic Beauty Timeless Renewal Hand Cream & Super Berry Oil

If You read my blog for any amount of time, You would know this is my favorite clean beauty brand. Lots and lots of their products ended up in my Holy Grails list as well as Yearly Favorites over rhe last years. Both of these products are no exception, they are truly great. The hand cream is a bit on the pricy side, so I will need to find a good deal to justify a repurchase. The ingredients warrarnt the price though, this is not your average bare minimum hand cream. It is my own living-la-vida-broka situation. I just repurchased Evolve Organic Beauty Blue serum, which to me it worth every penny.

Evolve Blue Velvet Ceramide Serum & Age Defying Lifting Serum

Adore the blue serum, the review is in the works, as well as project to start using age defying lifting serum from this brand.

Needless to say I am a bit behind on projects, please bear with me!

In the meantime, here is the post of my best Evolve Organic Beauty products so far.

Brand overview – Evolve Organic Beauty – Green Life In Dublin


Alteya Organics Organic Rose Water

Holy Grail for quite some time! i first reviewed it back in 2018 here. Remember Love Lula? I used to get it from them for years and years and years, till Love Lula was no more. The only other place I could find them was Amazon UK, but since I am actively trying not to shop there, I tried some other options. None of them were meant to be. I am back to Alteya Organic organic rose water with a vengeance! If You know any UK/ EU retailer other than Amazon, do let me know!

Alteya Organics Facial Sprays Review

Zechsal Magnesium Drops

Magnesium is a must for me for sleep and relaxation properties, but up until this point I have been using topical ones in forms of bath flakes or body oil. When Zechsal liquid drops came to The Dutch Health Store, I decided to give them a go. Since the description said “Zechsal Magnesium Drops can be “invisibly” added to a variety of foods and beverages, including yogurt, soup, and spaghetti sauce.”

Quick tip, don’t!

I bought this hoping my daughter could take them orally, since she refuses to use both bath salts and oil. Long story short, these drops taste horrible, so don’t add them to any food. The only way I can get them down is with some water or juice and quickly chugged down. Since it did not work for my kid, I will see if I will repurchase.

So much thanks for reading this, I appreciate You taking Your time of the day to visit my little corner of internet.

What products are You guys using right now? Repurchasing? Not? Please share with me.