Alteya Organics Facial Sprays Review

Alteya Organics Camomile Water

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Alteya Organics Camomile Water
Alteya Organics Camomile Water Review
Today I wanted to talk about recent love of mine, Alteya Organics facial mists, Organic Bulgarian Rose Water & Organic Bulgarian Chamomile Water.  The brand is new(ish) to Love Lula*, but have been in business for many years.

*sadly Love Lula is no more.. Sob!
Alteya Organics was born in 1999 but growing and caring for roses has been a family tradition for over a century, since the early 1900s. Their organic rose fields, shielded by the slopes of two majestic mountain ranges, are in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, the land of Thracian Kings and home to the world’s finest flower – the Bulgarian Rose.
I don’t know if you have experienced a true smell of rose essential oil, the true finest quality oil – and let me tell you, you are in for a treat! Alteya Organics products are the real deal, and my nose agrees! I am not a expert of essential oils or anything, but I remember my mom using rose otto as her perfume when I was very little, so the smell is ingrained into my memory very deeply. You could smell if on her for days people! So the first whiff of the Alteya Organics Organic Bulgarian Rose Water took me back to that happy childhood place – isn’t it amazing that a smell has a power to evoke memories we thought we forgot long time ago? Obviously the rose water is not the essential oil, but you know what I am trying to say – the products do have the same scent profile and I am so happy to finally found true rose products, the way they should be, and certified organic, no less! A match made in the Green Beauty Heaven. If you think you are not a fan of roses, because all you experienced was that synthetic sickly sweet rose smell, or worse still, musty “grandma’s” rose smell, I would highly suggest you give this company a try and you will be a new convert! I know I am so happy to finally rediscover true rose products and a company I can trust. Up until now I haven’t had much luck when it comes to rose scented products in the green beauty realm, I have tried a few, but they never delivered on one count or another. You might think why I am singing so much praises for this brand if I only have tried two face mists from them? Well, that’s not quite a case, I am also using (and loving) their Alteya Organics Rose Otto Regenerating Concentrate (and a handful of samples), and me and the brand are collaborating on further product reviews very soon, so expect to hear about some more products soon. The Regenerating Concentrate is in testing phase and not yet in review phase yet, which is why I am starting with the facial mists. Both of them are in heavy daily use for months, and I love them both equally! We all know how good rose water is for your skin, and I am making sure to treat my face (and hair) to it daily. I even use it as aura mist and to hydrate the dry office air as well. Basically I need endless supply of it! Same with camomile water, although I have to say I reach for it for the facial misting purposes more often than not, I find it very good at soothing my skin when it is irritated or experiencing yet another dermatitis breakout. By the way, little side note here – if You haven’t got on well with the smell of Balm Balm Chamomile hydrosol, try this, this smells much more milder and more chamomile tea like. I know both of the products will be repurchases for life, that’s for sure! If you follow me for some time you know that I have a very very sensitive and dermatitis prone skin (lucky girl, I know), which is why I am afraid of trying any new skincare products – I am most likely to experience irritation, even if the label says “suitable for all skin types”. And before you ask, no, my skin is not sensitized, it is sensitive, and it has always been this way, ever since I was a newborn. No, I don’t test new products every single day or even week, and no, I don’t overload my skin with too many products and actives. No, I don’t exfoliate my skin too much, once a week or every two weeks, that’s about it. Very few products go on my face on a daily basis, usually it is my beloved Bella Aura skincare (review), tried and trusted sunscreen, one of these facial mists, and that’s about it. Yes, I do test a new skincare product from time to time, as a blogger I have that kind of responsibility, but boy, I am becoming so selective to what goes on my face. Well, you kind of have to, when you realize you are much too sensitive to what a green beauty world has to offer, don’t you?
Very happy to report no irritations to Alteya Organics products, or should I say products I have tried so far, we will see what the future holds – but I am excited about it.
Back to talk about the brand, shall we?
The family owned company grows and harvests roses and lavender, and distill premium organic rose and lavender essential oils and flower waters using generations-old recipes. They also offer a wide range of organic plant extracts, oils and herbs from the eco-regions of the Balkan Mountain. After many years of extensive research, they enhanced our proprietary steam-distillation method that marries 400 years of tradition with science, to extract flower essences that are dermatology-grade and retain the therapeutic properties and synergy of the plants.
For years, Alteya’s scientific team has been researching ancient traditional recipes and the miracle effects of organic rose oil (rose otto) on skin. As a result, they were able to produce rare and limited rose Organic skin and body care based on old proven formulations enhanced to specifically meet the skincare needs of modern, eco-savvy people. It is based on an exclusive compound, their proprietary Bio-Damascena Skin Reviving Complex – a combination of organic essential oils and extracts combined with Organic Rose Otto – designed to improve skins resistance to environmental factors and slow down the aging process.
Now tell me that doesn’t sound amazing? I sure want to delve more into that!
They work hard to ensure that Alteya Organics creates products that are superior to those from other companies in the industry in terms of quality, potency and benefits. One other key highlight that distinguishes them from most other natural and organic companies is that we adhere to the strict USDA organic standard. Needless to say, they have rigorous company policies and procedures in place that ensure that every single item they produce passes detailed quality inspection by the company staff and where applicable, by third-party laboratories. They are committed to providing superior quality, environmentally safe and organic skin and body care products as well as aromatherapy ingredients to satisfy the needs of our customers.
Are you convinced? I sure am, nice to know we as a customers are in a good hands. Even their facial mists are therapeutic grade! I haven’t tried that myself yet, but the company suggests using them as food and beverage flavour enhancers, how amazing is that? What’s more, both of the mists have only one ingredient in each, which is organic rose water and organic chamomile water retrospectively. And did I mention they don’t cost an arm an the leg and are very affordable indeed? I made sure to buy Organic Chamomile Water as soon as the brand launched in Love Lula a good few months ago and was happy to discover the Organic Rose Water came in the Love Lula Beauty box soon after. So it is one of those cases when I tested the products for months and months prior to the review – both of them carried me through the whole summer, the heatwave, and are still at my side now, when we are fast approaching colder season. I know some parts of Europe still have 25 degrees Celcius, but here in Ireland I am back to long sleeves and leather jackets for weeks already. And I know from experience both of them will come so in handy once the heating will be on. I just realised I forgot to mention the mister – it is actually rather good! Granted, I only tried the ones on the plastic bottles, no the (eco) glass bottles, those might be different, I don’t know, but the misters on plastic bottles I am quite happy with – not as fine as let’s say Jane Iredale or Josh Rosebrook’s, but you don’t get that “garden hose” feeling either, the mist goes evenly on the whole face. And they last for months! Well worth the money. I already mentioned Chamomile water as one of my Love Lula favourites here, and let’s just say this will not be the end of you hearing about this brand in my blog either 🙂
If you are intrigued, you can get them from Love Lula, one of my favourite online shops ever. No hard push, I am not all about that life – if you know me for some time, you know I am only sharing the love for products I truly love and believe in myself. It is safe to say they have got The Green Life In Dublin Seal Of Approval!
Now it is your turn! Tell me if you have tried these facial mists or any other product by Alteya Organics? How did you like them? Please share, I want to know 🙂
That’s it for today, see you here again very shortly. Always new posts on Tuesdays xo

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