Natural & organic empties – February/ March 24 – Green Life In Dublin

Natural & organic empties - February/ March 24 - Green Life In Dublin

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Natural & organic empties - February/ March 24 - Green Life In Dublin
Natural & organic empties – February/ March 24 – Green Life In Dublin

Hope You are well? I am continuing my empties posts, because You enjoy them and ask me to continue. If it wasn’t for that, I would have quit this type of posts a long time ago. However, having said that, I do believe that is is important to show You that the products I use and products I review are the same ones. I do not whip them up out of the thin air.

*Most products will have reviews on my blog, so either hit up the search bar on the right or ask away if You want to know more thoughts on each product. I get vast majority of my products from the online stores I love, all linked at the end of the post. Happy reading 🙂


Evolve Organic Beauty Blue Velvet Ceramide Serum, Nightly Renewal Facial Cream & Make Up Melt

This one of my favourite brands ever, so of course I am repurchasing everything. Seek reviews in the description box if You want to know more. I have pages and pages of content about this brand.

Living Libations Illume Hotberry Elixir & Vanilla Velvet Chocolate Cologne

Same as above! Adore Living Libations.

Boiron Oscillococcinum

A must for nearly two decades. Saves my family from flu every winter without fail.

Now Seasonal Defence roll on

Another must have for cold time of the year, this handy roll on is everywhere in my house, upstairs, downstairs, in my bag, in the car. Helps with congestion, stuffy nose, bumps, bruises, You name it! This particular one is from iHerb and it is (was?) really affordable.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

Looks like this empties post is full of my Holy Grail products. This is another must have product for me for the winter. Not only my skin is protected from harsh elements, but it also looks and feels the best when I use it! Maybe I should repurchase Light version.


I can’t tell You how many bottles of these we have gone through. I need them in bulk in winters. It either helps You not to get sick or shorten the duration by half if You end up having flu.

BioCare Zinc Citrate

I used not to care for zinc till I learned it is crucial for formation of white blood cells. Since I have autoimmune, I am now religious about taking it.

Cortas Rose Water

I use different rose water for my face, This cheap and cheerful rose water from the Indian store is used to refresh everything else, like the hair, the body, the room. It comes in glass bottle without the spray, I decant it into my own bottles.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream

As I mentioned here, I fell in love with this at the start of winter. Repurchased and have three back ups of that. That’s right, four hand creams. And I am not even sorry.


Crazy Rumors Sagittarius lip balm

Love the scent of it, not repurchasing for now as I have around 10 others.

Finnabis Resin Balm

Loved it for around six months until it expired. I need to see where I can repurchase it.


BK Biomedica hair oil

Possibly the best hair/ scalp oil I have had in my life! Really natural and smell divinely of roses. Why I won’t be repurchasing then You ask? It is all the way from India and they do not ship abroad. WELP.


Check out my favourite natural online shops:

The Dutch Health Store
Live In The Light 
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Living Libations
The Clean Beauty Edit
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Pure Anada
Fushi Wellbeing 
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So that’s it for today, thanks for reading! I appreciate You taking Your time to visit my little corner of internet.

Sending LOVE & LIGHT!


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