Live In The Light Haul – Herbamedicus, Pure Anada, Vermont Soap – June 2020

Live In The Light haul - June 20

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Live In The Light haul - June 20
Live In The Light haul – June 20

Live In The Light online store had a 50% flash sale this last weekend and that was a perfect excuse for my own little haul . Do You guys know Live In The Light? If not, I am happy to introduce You, I reviewed it back in 2017 here and wrote a few posts since, like Pure Anada make up look or first impressions of AnnMarie Gianni mineral foundation. This UK web shop has brands and products that will satisfy even the most purists among us. The product range from make up to skincare to household products to vegan handbags to oracle cards & smudges. Totally right up my alley!  The brands they carry are  Way Out Wax, Vonbros, AnnMarie Gianni, Fat & The Moon, Carina Organics, Marley’s Monsters & Pure Anada, which I love love love!

Shall we get started? I thought You will never ask! Oh, did I mention that my code GREENLIFEINDUBLIN15 will save You 15% off? Black Friday who? ? Or that they have sets of samples totally for FREE or for only 1£? Yep, they have lots of them available here, no minimum purchase or anything.

Pure Anada Foaming Hand Soap in Vanilla 300ML – £5.50

A hit in the house for the whole lockdown duration, I feel this is here to stay! My third one ever since I discovered it. Natural ingredients, great price, foaming mechanism, which makes tedious hand washing so much more fun – what more can I ask? I feel this product is here to stay in Casa Green Life In Dublin!

Organic African shea butter 14g – £4.50

Shea butter is something I always have on hand, the best thing if you want soft skin and healing all kinds of skin issues. Get organic if you can. This handy size is perfect for on the go and travels. I use it for hand and body, thin layer on my hair to tame the flyaways, around my nose if I happen to blow my nose too much – very handy in winter and allergy season. Great at strengthening nails and reviving feet at night! The possibilities are pretty much endless – I even use it on my face, when my skin is extra dry or I happen to be mid dermatitis breakout!

Joy Susan Vegan Handbag. Prices start at 18£

This is my second one from the brand – I think I ought to review them soon? Live In The Light had a flash 50% on them for a weekend, and I have to say this was the push for my haul. Sorry not sorry situation 🙂

Vitamin C With Acerola, Rosehip & Zinc 1000MG

We all know how vital vitamin C is for human body – and this one is with added acerola cherry, rosehip and zinc. So much more power to it! 1000mg is my preferred dose, as I can easily adjust it to what I need. One suggestion for you, please do yourself a favour and research RDA (recommended dose) vs optimal health vitamins/minerals levels – your life will be changed forever! You can come thank me later 🙂

This comes in capsules. The ingredients list lists ascorbic acid in it, which always gives me heartburn, but I haven’t experienced it with this yet, although it is early days. I will keep you posted!

60 capsules for 6.99£.

SwissGel with CBD Warming  200ml – 10.50£

I have some experience with CBD products, I use balms with it to take the joint pain away, but what I have used so far was neutral, not warming, not cooling, so I am interested in trying this product – hoping it will work wonders, as this is so much cheaper to what I am currently using. It was chilli in it, so I will need to remember to wash the hands well after application!

Let’s see the description?

SwissGel® with CBD is a unique herbal balm made from 25 kinds of herbal and plant extracts according to the traditional Swiss recipe, enriched with CBD extract.

Cannabidiol CBD belongs to the group of very effective substances called cannabinoids found naturally in cannabis plants only. After THC, CBD is the second most important of them, and is not psychoactive, and its use is therefore legal.

SwissGel® with CBD is suitable for massage during muscle fatigue, strained back and knees, after sports or physical exertion. The balm quickly induces intense warming and blood circulation, thereby increases the action of the active substances and accelerates convalescence.

Method of application: After applying to the spot, gently massage such amount of gel that the skin absorbs. Apply to clean skin. The product is made on a natural basis, so it can be used for a long time without any restrictions. Regular use increases efficiency.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and injured skin. If used in the area with varicose veins, do not attempt any massage, but only spread gently! Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use for children under 3 years of age. Store in a dry place and at room temperature. Rarely, an allergic reaction to one of the bioactive ingredients of the product may occur. If that is the case, it is necessary to interrupt the application and if the problems persist, see your physician. Very intensive skin reddening is natural and is seen as manifestation of a desirable increase of blood circulation.

Dermatologically tested. Original recipe.

So that is my haul for this month, let me use everything and come back to you! For more Live In The Light posts and reviews, see this FB album here.



Your turn – what are You guys getting lately? I hope it’s something new and exciting?

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