Three Months of Natural & Organic Empties – Fall 2021 – Green Life In Dublin

Three Months of Natural & Organic Empties - Fall 2021 - Green Life In Dublin

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Three Months of Natural & Organic Empties - Fall 2021 - Green Life In Dublin
Three Months of Natural & Organic Empties – Fall 2021 – Green Life In Dublin

How are all of You, I hope You are well? Empties time for the last three months for me! There’s one thing I myself won’t be enjoying though – adding up the costs. I started tracking the costs this year and oh boy, it has been a real eye opener.

Many & many of these products have reviews, please hit the search box for more in depth posts on them.


Ayumi Moringa & Neem Shampoo

This affordable brand is a hit in our house for years now. I like Sandalwood range, Moringa & Neem helps Mr. Green Life In Dublin with his “scalpacne” and the kids love Hibiscus range.

Hesh Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is amazing natural remedy that’s thousands of years old. It is said to sure everything apart death according to Eastern Medicine. You can use this oil on the skin and hair too, which I did and I will be back for more.

Fair Squared Allepo Soap

I loved this, worked well and lasted for months, You get a big bar for Your money. Repurchasing.

Alteya Organics Certified Organic Rose Water

The only rose water I use, period. I feel I am mentioning this in every post and every video ever. That review must have the most pingbacks, cha!

The Castillian Soap Company Castille soap with lavender

Love castille soap! This came in Love Lula Beauty Box, the handy size allowed me to take it to work, where they have horrible soap. Repurchase? Yes.

Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods  Sweet Clementine + Detox deodorants

I find them working great, but please allow me to give You one little tip about them – do use consistently. I put mine aside while I tested something else and they dried out on me.

Terre Verdi Neroli Pom moisturiser

Ayumi Pure Castor Oil

Living Well Baobab powder

Check Love Lula for Elsa's Organic Superfoods, Alteya Organics, Castillian Soap Company, Ayumi, Hesh & more

Jack N Jill Strawberry Toothpaste

The only toothpaste Green Life In Dublin Jr uses, we have a post and Youtube video if You want to know more products my child has

Sterimar congestion relief spray x2

Xlear (xylitol nasal spray)

Both are for me, I have permanent sinus issues unfortunately and they do seem to help.

Boiron Coryzalia

Homeopathic remedy I take at the first sights of cold/flu. Works for most of the time, but if I feel it is evolving into full blown flu, I move onto Osccollococinum (I think I’ve misspelled that) also from Boiron as more heavy duty approach to heal quick and that works every time. I use both of these remedies for at least fifteen years and I cannot recommend highly enough You take a look into them too. See more in my holistic medicine cabinet post.

Nature’s Answer Liqorice

DrThungs toothbrush cover

Nature’s Plus Olive Leaf

OreganolP73 x2

Yogi Throat Comfort Tea x2

Sambucol gummies x2 & liquid x2

Oxylife Oxygen + silver + aloe

A.Vogel Pollinosan

Nin Jiom, Pei Pa Koa Herbal Dietary Supplement with Honey and Loquat – cough syrup

Ricola herbal sweets

Eskimo Kids DHA gummies

Check iHerb for Boiron, Sambucol. Now & more Code CDI1500 saves $£€ for Your first order

Pure Anada Balancing Shampoo Bar

My Holy Grail shampoo bar! I was about ready to give up on shampoo bars when I came across this beauty. Seek review for more.

Living Libations Ozonated Gum Gel

Another Holy Grail status product, see my holistic dental care post for more.

Check out Live In The Light for Pure Anada, Living Libations & more SAVE 15% WITH GREENLIFEINDUBLIN15 AT LIVE IN THE LIGHT (UK)

Gold caviar mask


Evolve Organic Beauty Gentle Cleansing Melt

Evolve Organic Beauty Climate Veil SPF20

Check Dutch Health Store for Evolve, Living Libations & so much more

Lovinah Goddess Glow

Better You Magnesium Lotion


Natural & Organic Empties - Green Life In Dublin
Natural & Organic Empties – Green Life In Dublin


Ecodenta mouthwash

Arm & Hammer toothpaste

Organic Works hand wash

Nyr Organic Aromatic Bath Soak

Isabella’s Clearly Mojo + Soft face and body oils

Evolve Organic Beauty Multipeptide 360 Moisture Cream

Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA

Green People Nordic Roots HA serum

Odylique lip liner

Natural & Organic Empties - Green Life In Dublin
Natural & Organic Empties – Green Life In Dublin


Beauty Made Easy lip balm

Saint Come Melaleuca spray

Dianne Caine Transformation Facial Oil

Minimalist Exfoliating Body Cream

Iremia Skincare Protective Cream

Lounkos Innocent nurturing body care

AnnMarie Skincare Restorative Cleansing Oil + Facial Oil

Vividness Cream SPF15

Benecos corrector quad

Sante corrector trio

Madara Seduction multiple

Uhh, do I have to air this publicly? Oh wait, I did sign up for it ?

Skincare – 12 products – €305

Eeek! I want to go back to head-in-the-sand method!

Bodycare – 11 products – €284

Make Up – 4 product – 79€

Hair -3 products – 26.5

Health & Wellness – 33  products – 443€

Other – 4 products – 27.5€


Skincare – 46 products – €528.5

Body care – 44 products – 822€

Make Up – 15 products – 298€

Hair – 9 products – 135.5€

Health & Wellness – 81 products – 1042.5€

Other – 22 products – 169.5€



I feel like I need a chair and a stiff drink after this, not going to lie.

Now, Your turn – what have You guys finished lately? Have You ever budgeted what You are spending on skincare & stuff? Let me know, I want to hear from You.

Sending Love & Light,


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