Natural & Organic Empties & Totals – November – December 2021

Natural & Organic Empties & Totals - November - December 2021

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Natural & Organic Empties & Totals - November - December 2021
Natural & Organic Empties & Totals – November – December 2021

How are all of You, I hope You are well? If You enjoy empties posts, then this is for You! There’s one thing I myself won’t be enjoying though – adding up the costs. I started tracking the costs this year and oh boy, it has been a real eye opener.


Many & many of these products have reviews, please hit the search box for more in depth posts on them.

Sambucol x2

Oxy-life Stabilized Oxygen with colloidal silver and aloe vera

A.Vogel Pollinosan

Nature’s Answer Milk Thistle

Yogi Throat Comfort tea

Hurraw Almond Cardamom lip balm

Boiron Oscillococcinum 

Nin Jiom Natural Herbs Loquat & Honey Extract

Already repurchased in multiples!

Some of the products are repurchases for years, some new to me. iHerb has great prices, so that’s why I am coming back again and again.

Check iHerb for Boiron, Sambucol. Now & more Code CDI1500 saves $£€ for Your first order

Green People Nordic Roots Hyaluronic Booster Serum

Great HA serum, I loved having it as part of my skincare.

Terre Verdi Balancing Mist (travel size)

Love the brand, I have reviewed a few of their products. The mist came in the Love Lula beauty box and I immediately filed it under “get full size asap”.

The Castillian Soap Company Castile Soap

Love castile soap, hate peppermint on my hair and on the body. Getting this again, but in different scent.

Hesh 100% Pure Black Seed Oil

This oil is absolutely amazing, just google the health benefits! Ancient Arab proverb is saying it cures everything but death. Can be used topically too.

Lavera lip liner in pink

I found it great and am getting it again.

Check Love Lula for Rahua, Inika, Sarya, NYR, Alteya Organics, DrHauschka & more

Hynt Beauty Flyrt Mascara

If You are after major va-va-voom effect mascara with lash care benefits, this is the one! All natural and housed in sustainable glass packaging, no less. Their (full coverage) concealer and lipsticks are my Holy Grails too. See review on my blog, just enter “Hynt Beauty” in the search box.

Check out Hynt Beauty

Pure Anada Multiple in Isabella

The shade is gorgeous, the formula is gorgeous, the pigmentation is awesome, I am definitely repurchasing this. See my Pure Anada reviews & make up posts on my blog and IG, I love this brand.

Pure Anada Shea Hand Cream Tropical Paradise

I am truly in love with this brand – for so many good reasons, mind You! This hand cream is gorgeous, from rich and nourishing formula to cute (natural) scents it comes to. A true staple ever since I discovered it a few years back. Will I repurchase? You bet I would, in fact I already did. My kid also asked for her personal one.


Evolve Organic Beauty Climate Veil SPF20

I love this brand so much that I convinced The Dutch Health Store to carry the brand – true story bro! Seek full review plus about 10 more Evolve Organic Beauty related posts on my blog.

Helemaal Shea Body Butter

Check Dutch Health Store for Evolve, Living Libations & so much more

Natural & organic empties 2021
Natural & organic empties 2021


Bluh Alchemy MultiC Serum

This expired before I could get to it properly, no fault of the product, just my own.

Balm Balm Fragrance Free Face Balm

Love Balm Balm range, but not getting this right now due to having enough balms to last this winter. Would I get it in the future? Yes I would.

Pure Anada Body Butter

Love so many things from the brand, including this. But I have so many other body products to go through right now. Some day I am definitely coming back to this.

Organic Neem Oil

Very healing, but smells like men’s socks. Marinated. So everyone tried to avoid it so much that it expired on us.

Living Libations Fawn Lily perfume

Living Libations perfumes are gorgeous, the only reason I am putting this in this category is because I already have another bottle of it. Plus I plan to go through all of the Living Libations perfumes in my own good time.

Luk Beautifood lipstick

Loved it, reviewed it, but I need to go through my make up stash before I get any more lippies.

Comvita Olive Leaf Extract

This is said to boost immune system and also help if You are sick, much in the same way like my beloved Oreganol does. They both taste horrendous I have to say, but this also makes me gag. So I am not sure if I will get it again or not?

Skin Alchemist Dirty Chai Soap

Great natural soap! Again, putting it into this category because I already have a back up of this and about three or four Skin Alchemist soaps. Question for You guys – how many soaps in a back up stash is too many? Asking for a friend 🙂

Natural empties - Green life In Dublin
Natural empties – Green life In Dublin


Gallinee Hair Mask

This brand’s products have a signature scent to them, which I personally find too strong.

Odylique lip liner

This is not even halfway through, but does not deposit any pigment on the skin any more. It is not dried up to a crust, just does not work anymore.

Benecos cc concealer quad

Sante correcting concealer trio

Love the idea of both, the thought of mixing and matching different colour pigments to conceal different kinds of blemishes on the skin really appealed to me. In reality, they were waay too sheer for me, I still had to go in with other products to cover undereye circles and blemishes. They might work for You if You have perfect skin, but on the other hand, someone with perfect skin does not need correcting multiples.

Flying Wild Organic Beeswax Lip Balm With Honey & Rosemary x3

Welp! These are my Favourite lip balms ever, but the brand has decide to discontinue them & it is making me so sad.

Natura Siberica Obepikha & Honey Body Scrub

Even though I was able to get it from Love Lula before, post Brexit is has been classed as “dangerous goods” & I cannot get it no more. Same with perfumes & larger sizes of floral waters and other scrubs (smaller sizes still avail). Make it make sense please?


All together now – EEEKK!

Skincare – 7 products – €177

Bodycare – 6 products – €61

Make Up – 6 product – €70

Hair – 1 product – €32

Health & Wellness – 12 products – €153.5

Other – 2  products – €108

Totals for the last two months – 34  products – €601.5


Final thoughts

I am doing these empties posts for years now, but this was the first and probably last year when I counted the totals. It was an eye opener in so many ways, from the amount I am really spending on my beauty and health care products, to the criticism I got from the readers for the first time ever. Not that I owe anything to anyone, but it made me think of making some intentional changes in this area of my life. I think I might set a budget for the beauty products from now on and also try not to look at the sales so much. I am never swayed towards what’s new or trending in the greenbeautyville, but I am forever trying to catch good deals when it comes to health care and supplements, which probably resulted in me getting more stuff and overspending. I will have to have a good talk with myself and hone down the products down to the basics which really work. My husband told me to shop like a man from now on – meaning only spending money on the stuff when You really need to, getting the replacements and not even looking at anything else, especially what’s on sale. I will take that onboard.

Now, Your turn – what have You guys finished lately? Have You ever budgeted what You are spending on skincare & stuff? Let me know, I want to hear from You.

Sending Love & Light,


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