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40+ Things I No Longer Buy - Beauty - Green Life In Dublin

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40+ Things I No Longer Buy - Beauty - Green Life In Dublin
40+ Things I No Longer Buy – Beauty – Green Life In Dublin

After rooting around my stash & Projecting Pan My Entire Collection, I started asking myself what products I could do without in a bid to minimize my stash (and save money too). Turns out it is quite a lot. Here You can see my post from 2017  – I loved revisiting it, adding to it and blogging about it again. No shade to any beautiful natural brands, it’s just I have always been creative in finding multiple uses for my products.

Some of the things are entire categories of products, some are a miss due to personal dislikes or allergies to certain ingredients.

Fake lashes

Were never my thing, so I do not think I am going to start doing them any time soon or ever. The way they are applied and torn from the delicate skin around the eyes freak me out, plus I do not know any natural glue that would be good. I leave myself a window to change my mind though 🙂

Lash Conditioners

This area is of interest for me, someone with unimpressive lashes. I follow some brands & I do believe they work, but.. only while you use them. More often than not they cost a fortune, which I am not willing to shell out. I also know full well most of them have castor oil as one of the main ingredients, which is indeed brilliant for it. Also very cheap. I am confident I would achieve good results with this alone if I were consistent.

Waterproof mascara

It is just not a necessity in my life, the only reason I ever wanted to get it was the holidays with sea and pools on the horizon. Yet I never repurchased them afterwards.

Hair dye

It’s a sob story of my favourite natural hair dye being discontinued and me never finding a natural replacement for that. It goes all the way back to more than a decade ago, when I discovered Daniel Field hair dye that gave me platinum level of blondness, sans any kind of yellowing, no less. In a hair dye business nothing is fall-from-the-tree level of natural, but it was made with seaweed &  avocado oil from what I could remember. It also gave me zero migraine level headaches I used to get with “regular” salon dyes. So You can imagine my crocodile tears when it was discontinued! The company also discontinued email service at the same time (?!), so I rang them & wrote letters to them, all to no avail. Of course I tried many other brands, all with terrible results, so after a while I just gave up and regrew my natural hair. This is what You see in my posts & Youtube videos – all au-natural-moi. Having said that, I do have a box of pink hair dye & I am eyeing ash blonde henna dye from Love Lula. Watch this space, but these will be one of a kind experiences, mind you. I am well prepared go grow grey gracefully.

Hair styling products

I also do not do much when it comes to styling, although I am not a slob either. It’s just what I do is so minimal that I do not need to seek styling products. My hair is semi curly, after washing I do several twists around the head overnight. Blow drying always makes them look worse, matte and frizzy, so I prefer to dry my hair naturally. On second and third days I use something that is also a body lotion (Alaffia Coconut & Strawberry Hair & Body Lotion to be exact) – it works better than many leave ins I have tried, while being waaay cheaper. I also use hair oils to add shine or as pre-shampoo treatments, but that’s about it I am afraid.

Heat protecting products & tools

See above. No heat, no heat products needed. I am yet to find good ones anyway and not looking forward spending 30 or so on something that its just “meh” again and again. I am open to suggestions though, if You know something amazing, do let me know.

Shower gels

In the last couple of years I worked hard to wean my family off shower gels, who were going through them at blink-and-you-will-miss-it speed. Obviously it was costing me a small fortune, because it was me who was stocking them. My husband balks at the prices and gets something from Poundland left to his own devices – even now, more than a decade of our (mine?) green beauty journey. Slowly but surely I replaced the shower gels with bars of soap, it took me a few tries, but I got there at the end.

Pigments (make up)

They were never a must for me, so easy thing to give up. I only ever had one in my life, which came in Love Lula Beauty Box.


Again, a case of never finding the right kind of product for my skin type. With my sensitive and dermatitis prone skin, the less new products I put on my face, the better for me. I haven’t found the one that would actually make a difference in making my make up lasting. They are sure great at giving the skin “slip” and feeling great at the beginning of the day, but come five o’clock and I always see the same tired thing in the mirror with a make up that’s vanishing in places. I do however need to test a bit more of Ren primer, I have had a vial of it and I do remember liking it. I think it lasted for two uses, so I need to test more to see if it helps make up last.

 Sheet Masks (single use)

Sure, I have tested a few in my time. Sure, some of them are amazing. Yet I am not happy with myself for that much waste that comes with it.

Acids (exfoliating)

A no-no for my uber sensitive skin. Sure, I understand they are not all created equal and some are suitable for sensitive skin. It’s just I have burned my skin so many times trusting what people said to me, that one day I have decided enough is enough and haven’t gone near them since. There are other ways to exfoliate skin.


See above. I am not totally against them, I am against over exfoliating. I do believe dead skin layer is there for a reason & I only exfoliate in gentle ways once a week at max. You do You boo, if exfoliating daily is Your thing and Your skin is tolerating that well, I am happy for You.


See my very minimal hair care routine detailed above. Conditioners actually make my hair look worse, so I prefer to go without. I never figured out what my hair porosity is and how much protein it needs, so that’s probably the reason I am yet to be blown away by any conditioner I’ve tried to date.

Feet products

Sure I care for my feet. It gets soaked, scrubbed, pampered with shea butter and other things, I simply do not believe I need to buy yet another product with the label of “feet-something-or-the-other”. Convince me why I need specific products for the feet? I feel I can easily use any body products on it.

Lip scrubs/ scalp scrubs

I am also not convinced separate scrubs are needed for different body parts. Sure I do understand that lips are much thinner and thus more gentle exfoliation is needed. It’s just I am not ready to part with a tenner or more for a yet another product to do that. I can easily exfoliate lips with a washcloth or a gentle toothbrush – a tip I learned from Friends stylist. I also feel I could easily DIY it if I ever felt the need to.

Neck & chest products

Use your regular skincare on these body parts people! Have a moisturiser that didn’t like and yet you do not want to throw away? Perfect, use it for that. No spares lying around? Use whatever You use for the face. Or body.

 Body lotions

Personal dislike, especially if they go on white and take ages to sink in. I much prefer body oils and butters, even in the summers. Living in Ireland were are more likely to have 15*C in summers anyway, so no need to switch to lotions for a few short weeks in a year. If You live in a hot climate, this might be a must for you, but it is not for me.

Anything above 100€ – with two exceptions

You might know my frugal ways by now. It is not by choice, mind You. If I ever come into money, I might want to go on and splash the cash on anything my heart desires, but for now, my upper limit for one product is 100€. I also only ever spend that much on skincare too, everything else I can do quite cheaply. I tend to spend less cash on the things that are washed away, cleansers for example, and the most on my creams and serums. Most of them are more often far less than a hundred. Do I want to test and use All The New & Exciting Things? Yes I do. Do I want throw away money chancing them? Nope. Me and anyone in the EU cannot return open products for any reason (not even allergic reaction) and my play budget is almost not existent.

 Self tan products

I admire it on other people. I have played with some natural self tan products, but to be honest it is not my kind of thing. Too much upkeep and ruined clothes do not appeal to me. More often than not we see examples of how not to do it – and I’ve been there myself. Streaky ankles and orange hands? I’ll pass, thanks.

Body serums

Expensive lotions, no more than that. Even if You have the means to buy them, You will agree with me on one count – they work as long as You use them. You stop, the skin will go back to where it was.

Armpit primer

I’ve wrote about it in my original post back in 2017 and I was accused of making stuff up. Nope. Check Meow Meow Tweet.

 Armpit detox

Also no thanks from me. You might want that if You are transitioning from “conventional” deodorants to natural ones (there’s this period of pong till Your body adjusts) but even then it can be done cheaply with clay masks. I won’t spend around 20eu for this kind of product.

 Anything with synthetic vitamin A

If it comes with a danger warnings of being toxic to an unborn child, then it is a no from me. Everyone’s beloved retinols included. Natural versions of retinols are available and they work even better (no irritations or peeling) – please step forward bakuchiol and old trusted favourite rosehip oil!

Anything with peppermint – except dental care

Can’t handle any peppermintiness anywhere on my body or scalp. True story bro.

Anything “relaxing” with lavender essential oil in it

Have a strong dislike for it for decades, but both of my kids love the scent. So I deal with it, but try to keep it to a minimum.

Clay masks

You get one tub, you are sorted for life, no? All these expensive pots of clay masks can be easily DIYed most of the time – just look at the ingredients, they are most likely to have honey/ hydrosols/ oils in them to counteract dryness from clays.

No wipes

Environmental issues aside, I am yet to find a wipe that would agree with my uber sensitive skin. All of them gave me beetroot red face that’s irritated to high heavens and I have to spend a week healing it afterwards. Must be preservatives in them?

Eye shadow primer

I use eye shadows so infrequently that a primer would dry out almost untouched. I use concealer if I want to prime my lids. Works like magic.

Spot treatments

I have two good tricks up my sleeve, so I need no specific treatment products. I should probably add that at my 40s I rarely get them, I might feel different if I were a teen covered in acne. What are my tricks You ask? Tea tree oil – but only on the spot itself and not the skin around it!

Body shimmer

Again, I might feel different about it if I were a teen or in my twenties, but I am over clubbing phase, so I do not need them anymore.

No essential oils in skincare (mostly)

Have I mentioned my uber sensitive skin? Oh wait, in every blog post ever!

 Coconut oil in skincare

I am fine with the coconut oil in my body and hair care, even in oral care, but it is a no-no in skincare. Breaks me out.

Breasts/ Bum masks

Gimmicky and unnecessary if you ask me. Use serum or good moisturiser and forgo the plastic packaging that goes with the teritory.

 Lady parts serum

I didn’t know this existed till someone told me on Instagram. I’ll pass, thanks.

 Lady parts wash & oil

Vagina is self cleansing, You don’t need specific products for it. As long as You use non harsh body wash/ soap, You are fine. Natural fibers underwear is important. I’ll skip oil for hair down there too. If You feel the need, use any oil, why purchase specific product?

Products I could give up if pressed (or short term):

Eye cream

I could use either serums or my beloved Mahalo Rare Indigo as eye balm (it says that in the description) or wait-for-it ghee of all the things! I’ve never tried it, but read about it in Guru Jagat’s book. Apparently yogis in Asia use it for centuries. Any face oil would work too, me thinks.

 Eyebrow pencil

My eyebrows are ashy, not brown. Clean beauty brands tend to focus on brown for the most part. I was only able to find one product that suited my brows to a T when it comes to perfect colour match but it got discontinued years ago. Sob. I could actually get away using a regular (writing) pencil on them, I have read it in Christie Brinkley’s book. She talked about all the original supermodels using it for their brows and my mind was immediately blown – why I never thought of it myself. Took me to read a supermodel’s book to realize that 🙂 But I worry about lead, so I don’t do it. Anyone knows lead free pencil brand? Do let me know. Pretty please?

Body scrubs

I can easily DIY them using salt, sugar, oil and essential oils, so I would have no problems giving this category up. Preferably short term though.

Nail polishes

Again, if pressed, I would give up this category over anything else. I wear polishes so rarely, plus I can’t buy them online – they are “hazard, just like perfumes.


No, not those ones! I mean pampering ones. One of my favourite things to do is to look at the ingredients of expensive masks and then to try to DIY it myself. Here’s the post of nearly 15 DIY Manuka Honey masks. Enjoy and come thank me later 🙂

Eye shadow

Again, I rarely wear them, so I wouldn’t be too sad if I were told to let them go for the rest of my life. Blush, highlight and bronzer can be used as a eye shadow, that would be enough for me.

 Hand cream

I’d be sad to part with this, but I know I could use any body lotion, butter or balm on them. Skincare too.


Only because I know how to DIY it, ha! Find a post here.

 Micellar water

Thinking along the lines “if I had to give everything up with a few exception” I’d probably let it go.

 Liquid eye liner

It can be DIYed with a eye shadow or I’d just use a pencil.


You have one, you have them all, no? I see some Youtubers talking about how different one highlight is from another, but really? Who needs purple toned highlight? Or pink? Does it complement anyone’s skin tone, especially in a daylight? Any white-ish golden-ish eye shadow can be used for highlighting purposes too.

 Pamper bath salts

They tend to cost about twenty or fifteen for a kilo or even a pound. As nice as they are, You can use plain old Epsom salts or magnesium salts with a bit of added petals and/or essential oils to make Your own. As You can see, I am a bit of a fan of DIYing things where I can if I am saving money that way.

Bath soaks & oils

I am a shower person, I rarely take baths, so feeling a bit “meh” about them. If I do take a bath, I much rather prefer magnesium salts bath – they have health benefits. I would take that any day as opposed to just a pampering bath.


That’s all, thanks for reading all the way till the end. You get extra brownie points for that 🙂

Now, Your turn! What products can You live without? I would love to know.

See You next Tuesday, my posting days.


Sending LOVE & LIGHT,


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