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Seven Secrets of Wellbeing - Green Life In Dublin
Seven Secrets of Wellbeing – Green Life In Dublin

How are all of You, I hope You are well? So, I have fell down the road of read-apalooza on The Beauty Bible’s website and one section seemed to catch my attention more than the rest. It’s called Seven Secrets Of Wellbeing. It’s where various famous women are asked to spill their wellbeing secrets. Not that I am famous or anything, but just like I did self interview myself for Janey Lee Grace’s book, I am doing the same here. Because that’s how I roll 🙂 Having read enough of them to inspire my own version, I am spilling my seven secrets to staying well.

have quiet and intentional morning

Majority of us spend our mornings in a mad rush to get everyone out of the house as fast as possible, but there are a million of ways for everything to go wrong. When You expect everything to go wrong, it does, because we all know that where attention goes, the energy flows. Took me decades to realize this simple truth, but I now completely turned my mornings around. I wish I could tell You I am a boss of one of them 5am routines, but I am not. However, I like to get up 1h before everyone else gets up and have a house all quiet and all to myself. I don’t meditate, but I read, plan my day and have coffee in silence. Helps me function better as a human, as the rest of the day is pretty much spend attending to everyone else’s needs.

prepped fresh food at the ready

I love food, I love eating, I love buying fresh ingredients and planning recipes. But having said that, I’ve been doing all the cooking in this family for the last 2 years, so I’ve been growing tired of having to do it everyday from scratch. Because I work weekends, I can’t spend my Sundays food prepping either. So I made my freezer my best friend. I make sure I always have freezer meals ready, but with a twist that makes sense to me. I still prep them myself, but I double or triple the freezable recipes I cook, eat some, freeze the rest, and voila, I have meals for days when I am too rushed of my feet to cook. Usually that’s meat/ protein portions of the meal. Just don’t forget to label it and defrost it in time. It’s easy to throw mixed salad and boil the rice as a side in matter of minutes. Due to the health issues, I have to stay on gluten free dairy free diet, I post some recipes on my Green Life In Dublin Cooks here:

plan treats for yourself

Self care is essential, whatever that means for You. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Have a stressful week/ month ahead of You? Don’t forget to book a treat for Yourself at the end of it. My budget does not stretch to massages, but I can claim a bathroom for myself for 1h and soak in magnesium salts..

Home Spa with Evolve Organic Beauty

be in a moment/ digital detox daily

I think we need to detox from this grind culture & social media life. Discover JOMO – journaling, crafting, painting, nature watching – whatever works for you. But be sure to switch off gadgets for at least an hour daily. Slot digital detox into your calendar too. Weekends and holidays are for a family, not Netflix.

Good sleep is essential

If You know, You know… Especially at my age. Having suffered bad bouts of insomnia in the past, I discovered the magic combo of magnesium and vitamin D – at optimal levels. Not RDA levels, optimal levels. Research the difference and Your life will be changed forever.

Psst, did You know that magnesium can be absorbed via the skin? And that You can DIY topical magnesium solution too?

How to make magnesium oil at home – Green Life In Dublin


Lists are the ultimate do-able tool for maintaining mental wellbeing. Every night, I make a list of the three most important things I have to accomplish the following day (I type them in bold letters at the top of the page) and then add the other 57 that I can think of, and then I work from the top down, without wavering. Just crossing things off gives me a sense of order, satisfaction and control that I wouldn’t have if I were winging it.

gratitude daily

Another simple yet profound life lesson that took me decades to understand! Most of us are so good at being negative and it is so hard to yank yourself out that way of thinking. I grew up in a negative environment where everything was someone else’s fault. I too started my life thinking that life owes me things and soon frustrations grew finding myself not where I wanted to be in life. After much of soul searching I realized that mind alone will never make us happy. Mind is ruled by amygdala, it’s prime function is to help us to survive. Thus it is wired to anticipate danger and help us dodge it. So if we will live on the constant edge, we will be forever chasing happiness. It is also so important not to attach it to the end goal, like another diploma, perfect partner, a house, a baby. The list of things to chase is endless. Don’t spend Your life chasing something or the other. Pause. Ask what makes You happy. What are the things in Your life that You are grateful for? There are always a few options. Start with three of them daily. See Your outlook and Your life change in a matter of weeks.

Finding meaning and purpose in life

Still working on that one!


That’s it for today. Hope You found this helpful or thought provoking. See You here next Tuesday, my usual posting days.


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