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How are all of You, I hope You are all right? Hope You are enjoying this beautiful weather to the max? Today I wanted to share with You what products I have at work – all natural of course 🙂

HURRAW lip balm (or three)

I don’t know what about You, but I love me a good lip balm, that’s one of the things I can’t live without. If You asked me to take three essentials to take to the deserted island, lip balm would be one of them. I wrote this post on my top favourites – all I ask of them is to be natural and actually stay on my lips for more than five minutes. Hurraw is one of my long standing loves, so I always have to have one or three on me at all times. One time I actually forgot to take it, I ran to the nearest pharmacy and asked if they have any natural lip balms. The only one available was Burt’s Bees one, so I grabbed it applied as soon as I returned to my job. Long story short not only I lost my lunch time, I also burned my lips – it contained peppermint, something I only realized once I applied it. Because I’d opened it, I couldn’t return it either. Lesson learned. Lesson learned.

I notice this brand disappearing from a lot of places I used to get it from, so I’ll link iHerb. You don’t have to get it from there if You don’t want to. Let me know other shops that sell it so I could check them out too.

BOIRON Oscilloccocinnum & RhinAllergy

Oscillo is more of a winter essential, but I always have a vial of this homeopathic remedy for flu symptoms. RhinAllergy is my natural answer to antihistamines. Homeopathy is a natural route and it does not have side effects, so I prefer this.

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I love love love essential oils in any shape or form (see post below) and for work I take them in two forms, roller (to use on the body) and sprays. Because I cannot tolerate synthetic perfumes used there, I try to air it out and spray essential oil sprays as soon as I come in. They are proven to kill germs in the air even as low as 0.02% dilutions. In Covid heyday I also diffused essential oils in portable diffuser on my desk, but I since stopped. Got too many funny looks.

How I use essential oils

My Essential Oils DIYs – Healing Blend & Joy Perfume Roller


I feel these are a part of our daily lives by now. I wash my hands regularly during the day. Of course mine has to be natural,  I do not not touch the “regular” one at all. The stuff at work is not natural, so I carry a travel size of DrBronner’s or Vermont Soap. I am not crazy about hand sanitizers, never used them religiously, but I’ll use them if there is no other options. I like Evolve Organic Beauty and Pure Anada ones, they both do not dry the hands and are made with pure essential oils.

hand cream

Because that’s what You do when You are over 40 🙂 My favourites are Pure Anada & Evolve Organic Beauty Timeless Renewal Hand Cream. I love them dearly, although I miss Kiss The Moon LOVE Night Cream For Hands one too, I used to get it from Love Lula, which is no more.. (sob!)


Vitamin C is the foundation of healthy life and I love these little handy sachets that are so easy to carry around. Once again, I used to get them from Love Lula, now I get them from iHerb. They are widely available from the health stores, so check around.


These are just in case I or anyone else need it. These really come in handy in winters. Now that it is summer, it is more of a candy moment things. Better than sugary sweets, or at least that’s what I tell myself 🙂


Why chance a habit of a lifetime? 🙂

A crystal

I won’t reveal which one for personal reasons, but if You use crystals at home, why not take them to work too? I get mine from Live In The Light, which is one of my favourite online stores.



This is the only make up product I carry to work. When I put my make up in the morning, I expect it to last all day and give me no issues. The make up that I am using does exactly that. I simply adore this brand’s Duet Perfecting Concealer for full coverage and lasting power, but since it does last, I do not carry it for touch ups. Hynt Beauty Lipsticks last for the majority of the day too, once they go after a lunch or something, they leave a nice stain on the lips. So it is a case of not needing it to carry it, it is a case of wanting to carry it. The Pinkibelle shade is my Holy Grail pinky nude shade that I’ve been looking for for so many years. Plus it has a flip top lid at the end of the tube – with a mirror and a balm, so it is a great conversation piece too.


So that’s what I have on the desk with me at work. I hope this post was interesting or useful? Let me know if You have any questions about any of the products. What are Your work must haves? Please share, I would love to know.


That’s all for today, thanks for reading!

Sending LOVE & LIGHT,


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