Musings & Things January 2024 – Best Products, New Products, Changes & more

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Welcome back! And welcome if You are new here xo

Musings & Things January 2024 - Best Products, New Products, Changes & more
Musings & Things January 2024 – Best Products, New Products, Changes & more

Now that I have finished posting my 2023 Best Products, let’s talk what is going on behind the scenes & what can You expect from Green Life In Dublin blog this year.



Round of applause for the Class of 2023 aka Best Products from last year. I have done quite a few separate posts, You can see skincare here, make up here, body & hair care here and lifestyle & wellness here. A lot of products are repeats from last year(s), I do not focus on the products that cane out that year nor I chase what’s new and shiny. Since I haven’t judged for any clean beauty awards last year (a lot of them dropped international judges due to custom fees) I didn’t try that many new products last year. First part of the year was spent saving hard then house buying and moving journey happened. This year I would like to be invited to judge again and also try more products. Clean beauty brands & Clean Beauty Awards organizers, please take notes πŸ˜€



I’ve been thinking a lot and I want to bring my Slow Fashion posts back into the rotation. I have done this project two years ago and I have missed doing it. I gave myself 600eu budget for a year and tracked my journey seeing where it takes me. You can find posts here & please follow me on my other IG page Green Life In Dublin Wears here.



Another project I set out for this year. Behind the scenes I do read quite a bit, bur I rarely review books, mainly due to the lack of time. Maybe I should get back to it & also keep up my Green Life In Dublin Reads page going.



One of the main reasons I don’t have any spare time to review or read… Just like in most cases, the daily care of our adopted dog falls on me, even though Milo isn’t my dog, he is my daughter’s dog. As fun and loving boy he is, he is way too active still. Think of ADHD of dogs, hyper and random for the most part. When we moved into the house, he quickly figured out how to open kitchen door and let himself in. Trouble is he goes inside as soon as he steps outside. 50 times a day. A lot of things scare him, including birds and planes & other random noises, so I am not sure if he gets scared or having fun at the expense of my annoyance, but I am not a fan to get up and go close the door every couple of minutes. Especially in the minus temperatures we are experiencing right now.
You can see his 5% good side on his IG page linked above, but I think I should also start listing naughty things he has done, as You would never guessed it from his angelic looking demeanour.

If You want to see what natural products I use on him, see this post below.

Natural products for dogs – Green Life In Dublin


Remember my feature in Irish Independent? I have been contacted by the lovely Meadhbh again & she asked my two cents on the best refillable water bottles. Here is the link to the article, but here’s the truth – I have no idea if I am mentioned or mot. The article is under premium content, they don’t have option to pay to read only one article or pay for a day or a week. I missed the day when the actual physical paper came out. Oh well.


If You are a fan of uplifting affirmations, You might want to check out my daily IG stories. Sharing them is also one of my long term plans/ projects for this year. I personally love a bit of pep talk/ food for thought affirmations, so I got myself a calendar with them. A week into 2024 I thought to myself, why I am only keeping it to myself, let’s share it with people! Many of us might need to hear that. So I made it my mission to be consistent with it – as a true Sagittarius, I can’t finish anyth…

I’ll try my best πŸ™‚



Enjoying burning my Sand & Fog candles from Live In The Light. Natural and non toxic, this is where I want to be at, but also affordable. These deliver on all counts. See me mentioning them as part of my 2023 Best Wellness products in a previous post and find the shop linked at the end of this post. There’s 15% off code too. Just saying πŸ™‚


While I haven’t bought anything new to date yet, I can talk You thought some things I am currently using, testing and about to review. This was true up until two days ago. Then I lost it a little bit and bought myself a bunch of new clothes (six) and (semi) clean beauty goodies in a matter of days.

Clothing things will be revealed in Slow Fashion post coming very shortly.

Let’s see for the beauty/ wellness goodies I’d bought?

Botanics Pure Botanicals Snow Mushroom Concentrated Serum 15ml

I bought this on a whim while buying a face wash from the same brand for my daughter. I am always interested in products with medicinal mushrooms, I knew this line as clean Boots own brand and the fact that it was reduced to 7.33€ was a final deciding factor for me. Long story short, this didn’t work out for me, gave me breakouts and I think I am done with trying things from this line. My pre-teen daughter forever wants to get trendy skincare from TikTok and what not, I look at the ingredients and always say no. After a few talks about the ingredients and what they are doing to our skin, she listened and we compromised on still getting her skincare that she wanted, but more natural. This line isn’t as pure as I want it to be, but this is where she is at right now. I tried her cleanser and moisturiser and both were a no for me, so this is where I will leave it, but might continue getting stuff for her.

Jamaican Mango & Lime Argan Black Castor OilΒ 

I’ve been wanting to try Jamaican castor oil for a while now, so I grabbed it as soon as I spotted “reduced to 4.50€” tag. Ingredients in this are better than the previous product, for the most part anyway. It has freaking FRAGRANCE in it and I really wish I read the ingredients list there and then. We were both tired, hangry, rushing to go home and in a “let’s grab a few thingsΒ  really quick” mode. Quick word of advise, don’t do that. Especially with the products You don’t know. Despite the fragrance, I still tried the product as a scalp mask. It worked well, soothed the irritations, but the fragrance lingers. For three days!

Blooming Lovely Botanicals Blue Everything Balm

Now this is where the part with questionable ingredients ends. This gorgeous blue balm brand was created by my IG blogger buddy. Lu from A Life Of Lovely has created a brand and has launched this incredible balm with blue tansy oil. I just knew I had to try it, so of course I said yes when she offered me one. I am very please to say it is as gorgeous as it should be! My dermatitis affected skin loves blue camomile oil, it is very soothing and healing in my opinion. This balm can be used in many ways, as a balm/ moisturiser, as a cuticle oil, lip balm, on dry areas on the body or even as a wash with the hot cloth. So go on to try it and say hello from me while You are there πŸ™‚

Westlab Mindful Epsom Bath Salts with CBD Oil 1kg x2

Westlab Recover Epsom Bath Salts with Eucalyptus 1kg x 2

Ultrapure Laboratories Epsom Salts 4kg

As You can see, I don’t do things by halves πŸ™‚ Seriously, ever since I discovered that weekly magnesium salts balths take away body aches and pains, I am religious about taking a bath with them. I put a whole 1kg bag or about 4 cups into a bath and try to stay there for about 40 mins. The first 20 it is said to draw toxins out of the body and the next 20 absorb magnesium.

That’s it for new things for this month. I am yet to talk about a few products from earlier, these will be mentioned/ reviewed in the next post(s)

The Nordic Natural Awards 2023 Winners

Evolve Beauty serum & lip serum

Your Super Plant Collagen



I get everything from these favourite online shops:

The Dutch Health Store
for Living Libations, essential oils, magnesium & so much more
Live In The Light
 code GREENLIFEINDUBLIN15 saves You 15%
Living Libations
The Clean Beauty Edit
GREENLIFE10 saves You 10%
Pure Anada
Fushi Wellbeing
code CDI1500 saves $£€

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate You taking the time to come to my little corner of internet.

Please let me know Your best products or recent favorites so I can check them out.

Bye for now, see You here next Tuesday, my posting day xo

Sending LOVE & LIGHT,


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