Natural & Organic Empties – January 2024 – Green Life In Dublin

Natural & Organic Empties - January 2014 - Green Life In Dublin

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Natural & Organic Empties - January 2014 - Green Life In Dublin
Natural & Organic Empties – January 2014 – Green Life In Dublin

How are all of You, I hope You are well? Time to renew empties posts, all for You because You ask for it. I am back to doing them monthly rather than quarterly this year. Let’s see what natural/ organic/ eco products I finished and whether I will repurchase them or not?


Pure Anada Tropical Paradise shea hand cream  

Love this like so many other PA products. Currently have three more going on, so it will tell You how much I enjoy it. Very natural, nourishing and affordable. Will continue to use forever.

Evolve Organic Beauty Timeless Renewal Hand Cream

Absolutely adore this brand, most of my Holy Grail products are from them. This hand cream was lovely to use, has great ingredients and anti aging properties to it. I will repurchase it too, but probably wait for the sale. It is twice the price of Pure Anada one. It’s worth it, but it is not in my budget to constantly have it.

Evolve Organic Beauty Super Berry Body Oil

Again, adore this and will repurchase indefinitely. Natural, smells great, my body loves it and soaks it right in. A spa at home level of products. J’adore.

Boiron Oscilloccocinum & Pulsatilla

Homeopathy is a must for me and my family. Such a gentle way to heal without side effects.

My Natural Medicine Cabinet

Living Libations Frankincense Toothpaste

A must. Just like so many other Living Libations products!

My Favourite Living Libations Products 2020

Sand & Fog Autumn candle

Natural candle brand I love. I have 4 or 5 back ups in various scents.

Magnesium Flakes

A must for my weekly baths.

Pure Anada Peppermint Cream Diffuser EO mix

Loved diffusing this over the Christmas holiday period in my Living Libations Nebulizing (read: waterless) diffuser. Will I get it again? I already did! Will I diffuse at other time of the year? You bet.


If You have sinus issues, You know it is a must.


Nua Naturals organic hot chocolate Euphoria blend

Loved this organic hot chocolate, would love to repurchase more but I have hard time finding it now.

Evolve Organic Beauty True Balance Gel Cream

You know my love for the brand, but this isn’t aimed at my skin type. If You have oily skin, this might be Your best product. I used it for the neck and décolletage.

Evolve Organic Beauty 360 Eye & Lip Contour

Loved it, used many of them over the years. It works great, the only reason I am putting it into this category is because I find this does not last as long as I would like to. It changes in texture and colour after 3 months, dried up bit always comes out before the cream does. I do not finish it in three months and try to make it last longer, but it does not last that much longer. After just a couple of more weeks it changes the smell too and starts tingling, definitely a sign that the product is good no more. I feel that I always waste at least one third of the bottle this way and it is kind of a pity.

Pure Anada Princess Lip Shimmer in Plum Fairy

My daughter adored this tinted lip balm for years now, but I think she is phasing it out due to the cute and girly packaging. Not a fault of the product, it is my kid growing up into teen years.

Crafters Skincare Aloe Vera Hemp Lavender Hydrate & Glow Dry Body Oil

Say that three times fast! While the ingredients in this oil are lovely and natural, I think it would be better suited for summer/ warm times of the year. I received it in winter and I found it wasn’t enough to keep my skin nourished. I wouldn’t call it dry oil either, it takes a little while to rub in. I am not a fan of lavender, so I wouldn’t get this again, but I would love to try other products from this brand.

Zechsal Magnesium Drops

I tried this as soon as it appeared in The Dutch Health Store, in hopes that my daughter would be able to take it (she can’t swallow tablets and does not like the sensation of magnesium oil on her skin). The description says it can be added to water or drinks, which sounded promising, but let me tell You right now that it tastes just horrible. We found a way to use it, we’d put it into our belly buttons just before our sleep. Even though I am putting it into this category, I will repurchase it, as we got into habit of using it this way.


Atlantic Aromatics Organic Rose water

It pains me to say this, as I love their essential oils, but this rose water I wouldn’t be getting again. I got this as a replacement for my beloved Alteya Organic rose water once Love Lula was no more. But sadly there is no comparison to them, I find Alteya so much better. Sorry, Atlantic Aromatics, I still love You and will continue to support You by getting essential oils, but this rose water is not a good match for me.

Lavera Kids Toothpaste

Me and my daughter both tried this product and we both found that it dissolved mid toothbrushing. I found it a bit odd as it is the first toothpaste to do that, so we had to use double amounts to get our teeth clean. She wasn’t a fan of the flavour as well, so it is safe to say we will not be getting it again. Not a fault of the product, it wasn’t a match for us. Someone else might like it, we are all different and that is ok.

Orgaid Greek Yogurt Sheet Face Mask

Again, nothing wrong with a product per se, it just wasn’t a match for me. I like sheet masks but not the waste aspect of it, this is why I almost ever have them. This came in (rather fabulous) Live In The Light Christmas Box. My skin felt kind of tingling kind of tight after it, I just wanted to wash it off. It didn’t make my skin look or feel amazing, plus I feel I could just slather Greek Yogurt from the fridge if I want to mask with it, the sheet aspect isn’t necessarily needed. This is the second or third time of me trying this product and the impressions are the same. Probably not for me.

Madara Deep Matter mascara

On the verge of sounding like a broken record, let me repeat once more – if I didn’t like the product, it does not mean someone else will too. We are all different and we might be looking for different things from the same products. This mascara was ok, but nothing to shout about. This is the theme with all of the Madara products I have tried to date. In theory they sound fab, they should work, but it was all underwhelming for me. When it comes to this specific mascara, I probably won’t get it again, as it got clumpy really fast. There are other great natural mascaras that are cheaper, work better and last longer.