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Green Beauty Products I Love & Recommend

First and foremost I wanted to say HUGE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART to each and every one of you who read my blog, followed me on my green beauty journey – I love you guys!

If Green Life In Dublin Awards existed, these would be it!
Each and every single product is well and thoroughly tested by me – I would never dream of recommending a  product I haven’t used and loved myself. 

I always try to get discounts for you guys so you could save $£€

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(some of the links will be affiliate links, but not all. I am not about that life, I love creating good content and sharing good natural products!)
green life in dublin
Green Life In Dublin Best Products – My Favourites
green life in dublin
Green Life In Dublin favourite natural make up


  • Pure Anada Mineral Foundation
  • English Mineral Makeup Company Mineral Foundation
  • Inika Certified Organic Liquid Foundation

All Holy Grails for a few years now.

BB cream

Inika Organic BB Cream Foundation

Cream concealer

In concealer, I am looking for the full coverage first and foremost. Me and my acres of dark circles need it 🙂

Powder concealer

  • Pure Anada Loose Mineral Foundation used a a concealer.

More pigmented than some powder concealers I’ve tried.

Setting Powder

As a dry skin gal, I do not use it, soz


  • Inika Peachy Keen (loose)
  • Pure Anada Forever Summer Pressed Blush

Blush is my happy place, so I couldn’t chose just one.


  • Inika Bronzer In Sunkissed


  • Inika Long Lash Mascara


  • Inika Highlighting Creme

Eyebrow Product(s)

Eye Pencil

Lavera black pencil

Liquid Eyeliner

  • Couleur Caramel Liquid Eyeliner

Single/ Duo Eye Shadow

  • Inika Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo in Golden Oyster

Eye Shadow Palette

  • Pure Anada palettes


Lip Gloss

not a lip gloss person, but DrHauschka ones seem nice

Lip Balms

  • Hurraw, especially Moon Balm


Facial Oil

Water/ Aloe Based Serum

  • Earthwise Beauty Nap In The Meadow
  • Alteya Organics Rose Otto Regenerating Concentrate

Oil Based Serum

  • see facial oils


  • Mahalo Rare Indigo

Lip Balm

  • Hurraw

Acne Treatment

Dermatitis Treatment

  • LaVigne Mayan Magic Balm
  • Living Libations Everybody Loves The Sunshine with Zinc Beach Balm (no kidding, see the review!)

Face Cleanser (gel /cream/ liquid)

  • Alteya Certified Organic Rose Otto Cleansing Milk

Balm Cleanser

  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Oil Cleanser

  • Living Libations Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever


  • Living Libations Everyone Loves The Sunshine With Zinc (both liquid and balm formula)

Balm with SPF (Beach Balm & Lip Balm)

  • Living Libations Everybody Loves The Sunshine With Zinc Beach Balm

Face Exfoliant 

  • as my skin is super sensitive and dermatitis prone, I choose konjac sponge for gentle exfoliation

Make Up Remover

  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm
  • followed by Alteya Organics cleanser

Eye Make Up Remover

Under Eye Cream

Evolve Organic Beauty 360 Eye & Lip Contour

Face Mask

Toner/ mist

  • Isun Skincare Ormus Myst
  • Alteya Organics Certified Organic Chamomile Water
  • Alteya Organics Certified Organic Rose Water

Face /Neck Tools


green life in dublin
Green Life In Dublin Best Haircare



  • Rahua Volume shampoo

Solid shampoo

Pure Anada Balancing Solid Shampoo Bar


Hair and Scalp Oil

Dry Shampoo

  • Living Libations Flowers In Her Hair 


Natural and Organic Body Care – and lots of reviews of it

Body Scrub

Evolve Organic Beauty Tropical Blossom Body Polish

Body Wash

Evolve Organic Beauty Pomegranate & Goji Aromatic Wash


  • Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods

Body Oil

  • Inner Senses Body Oils
  • Kathleen Sensual Rose Body & Massage Oil

Body SPF Product

  • Green People Sun Lotion Scent Free
green life in dublin
Green Life In Dublin Favourite Products


Natural Perfume

Natural(ish) Nail Polishes

  • Glossworks



Tooth Oil

  • Living Libations Neem Enamelizer Liquid

Gum Health


Teeth Whitening

Tongue Cleaner

WELLNESS/ Supplements

wellness/ superfoods + superfoods drinks

Wunder Workshop Shroom Latte

Gynostemma tea, Shaman Shack Herbals Four Eternals (superfood mix) & more

Yogi Throat Comfort Tea

+ essential oils + so much more 🙂

I hope this was in any way interesting and/or helpful to you, and if it leads to at least one person finding a good product, then my work is done. Please be on the lookout for the reviews of many of these products, and let me know your favourites as well, so I could check them out!


Lots of Love,


green life in dublin
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