Handbags & perfumes tag

Perfumes & Handbags Tag

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Perfumes & Handbags Tag
Perfumes & Handbags Tag

Who does not love (natural) perfumes and handbags? In my latest video here I spill beans on mine 🙂 Think Living Libations, Walden Natural Perfumes, Fiilit, Jo Browne & Mahana roll on from Leahlani Skincare. As well as vegan and leather handbags I picked up during this journey we call life 🙂

 My perfumes:

Walden A different Drummer*: [Love Lula]

Fiilit Japon Kado: https://fiilit.com/en/ [Fiilit]

Living Libations perfumes*:

https://bit.ly/2P4R0t8 [Dutch HealthStore]

https://lnkd.in/gjdq7ZHY [Living Libations]

Jo Browne solid perfumes*: www.jobrowne.com

One more natural perfume that I have and forgot to mention is Leahlani Skincare Mahana, which a a summer-in-a-bottle roll on. I bought it from #DutchHealthStore: https://bit.ly/2CHQEWY .

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[Only the last one is available for sale right now, so I will link similar styles if I can find them?

Leather sachel: https://www.etsy.com/uk/search?q=leather+sachel&_qc=leather+satchel

Boho style big leather bag: – the only one I couldn’t find searching all over the internet for an hour, sorry! Some that are “close enough”: https://www.etsy.com/uk/search?q=leather%20bag%20with%20outside%20pockets

Joy Susan Vegan Leather Tote Bag: https://bit.ly/3eab0Wo [Live In The Light] .

Thanks for reading, I appreciate that!

Tomorrow I am going to upload a new video (and a matching post probably) and it is going to be a “What’s in my bag” collaboration with a few fellow natural beauty bloggers and Youtubers, so please stay tuned!


If you want to do this tag, you are more than welcome, tag me in it, so I could see? Comment with your best perfumes and handbags here or on social media, I want to see 🙂

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