Love Lula blogger order & beauty box August 2021 – Green Life In Dublin

Love Lula blogger order & beauty box August 2021 - Green Life In Dublin

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Welcome back! And welcome if You are new here xoxo

Love Lula blogger order & beauty box August 2021 - Green Life In Dublin
Love Lula blogger order & beauty box August 2021 – Green Life In Dublin

Thanks for coming back, I hope You are all well? A bit late, but let me walk You through my Love Lula* order and the box for August 21.

Where did the August go? Am I alone in feeling this way? The last couple of weeks went by in a blur in preparations for school, and here I am, in a bit of a rush to post my own posts for August at the eleventh hour πŸ™‚

ALTEYA ORGANICS Certified Organic Rose Water and the organic essential oils

This organic rose water from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria has swept me off my feet years ago and I am a loyal fan ever since. I feel like I talked about it 200 times since? There’s only one ingredient, rose water. Certified organic. Do I need to go on?

Alteya Organics Facial Sprays Review

This month I chose a couple of their essential oils that are new at Love Lula (or it is only new to me?) but I will have to keep You posted on them, I am yet to open them. Knowing the quality Alteya Organics provide I expect them to be good.

Crazy Rumors Biggies
Crazy Rumors Biggies


Crazy Rumors have a new release that instantly got my attention, jumbo sized lip balms in all of these fun flavours – all natural of course! What happened with them was kind of funny, I asked the kids if they wanted some, got “nah” and proceeded to get only two, for me and my hubs. What, we are big kids at heart πŸ™‚ When they arrived suddenly everyone wanted some too and now I am instructed to get more for everyone. Well, I do not mind one bit. They cost ten pounds a piece, but You get four times the size. Plus, if You are reading this in the first week(s) in September, Love Lula have amazing offers of FREE BEAUTY BOXES with orders 40Β£ and 50Β£. And free worldwide shipping of course. Just letting You know as I will be taking advantage of these offers myself πŸ™‚


Love Lula beauty box August 2021 - Green Life In Dublin
Love Lula beauty box August 2021 – Green Life In Dublin

August boxes were shipped out a couple of days early in August and I did a little happy dance for that. Mine got lost in the post sadly, but Love Lula were kind enough to send me a replacement promptly. Since it is so new to me, I will have to keep You updated on it in the next month’s post, but I can give You my first impressions and thoughts on the products right now. As You can see from the photo, it comes with three full sized products, two of which are new releases, yay or what? Terre Verdi Balancing Mist is a lovely product that I wanted to get for some time now, so very chuffed with it. I know how lovely Terre Verdi products are, I have reviewed some of them already, please see the link below.

Terre Verdi review & giveaway – Green Life In Dublin

Ooh! Oils of Heaven Blackcurrant Oil is also a new release, so of course I am happy to be trying that. Ooh! Oils of Heaven are nice oils, I am always happy to be on the receiving end of these. Blackcurrant oil is considered to be soothing oil, helpful in soothing inflammation and uneven sin tone. Also, high in antioxidants. Hello, that sounds like it was made for me πŸ™‚

Butterwhips Body Butter in Warmly Relaxing is also a welcome addition to my stash, now that the weather is getting colder by days, it will be appreciated as a part of my nightly routine. Nothing better than applying some whipped natural butter post shower and slipping into some cosy wear or pajamas.

Inika Lip & Cheek CreamΒ – this is a new release from the brand I love (see the review below) that got me happy dancing in the beginning of the month. Nothing better than receiving natural make up in the beauty box, especially if it’s from the brand You know and love, am I right or am I right? Well, my thoughts are kind of mixed on this product. I received Morning, which is a warm peachy pinky shade with a lovely shimmer, but the initial impressions are underwhelming I have to say. It barely shows up on the skin, I had to put loads on the cheeks for it to be visible. It does not work for me as a lip product & please do not put it on the eyes. They actually do not recommend it on the eyes, but me being me, I had to try it of course. I went on to do a make up look with it and filmed a Youtube video on my favourite DIY soon after (coming soon!). Now that I am uploading it, I can tell the product creased on my eyed badly. So, two notes for myself, do not film videos with the products I just tested and do not use this cream on my eyes ever again. This has nice shimmery effect though, You can easily skip highlight if You are using this product. So yes, these are my first impressions on it. Not disappointed per se, maybe I need to find my angle on how to use this product right. I would love to see a little more pigmentation though, I want to be done with just a few taps, like with Ere Perez and Madara products, not to keep piling it on. Love the brand on the whole, a lot of their products are on my Holy Grails list though, like mascara, bronzers and blushes πŸ™‚ The shade of it reminds me a bit of Nars Orgasm blush, which I adored in my pre-natural life, if I will be impressed enough, I will include it in my Natural Dupes For Nars Orgasm post πŸ™‚

Inika Review [AD]

The value for this box is 71Β£ but let me tell You if is often much more than that, I’ve seen it well over 100Β£, so You get a fantastic value for money, I am very impressed with that. What also impresses me with Love Lula boxes a lot is that You are guaranteed to get A LOT of full sized products. You know these flimsy one use sachets? Hate those and I am happy to report they are almost never in LoveLula boxes. I can count them on my fingers for the last three years I am getting boxes. So, to sum my thoughts up – I love this box overall, nice selection of different kinds of products, everything is very usable and a fantastic value. Feels like Christmas coming early each month!


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That’s it for today, thanks for reading! I appreciate You coming to my little corner of the internet.

Have You tried any of these products? What are Your thoughts of them?

Lots of Love,


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