Natural & Organic Empties August 2019

Natural & Organic Empties

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Natural & Organic Empties
Natural & Organic Empties

As always I am running a bit late with my empties post, but better later than never, right? Let’s see what I have finished and what I will be repurchasing. Or not.




One of my secret weapons! Natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal wild oregano extract that is somehow miraculously one of the strongest antioxidants – say what? More here.

Sambucol Black Elderberry 

Another staple in my natural beauty cabinet for years, I can’t tell you how many bottles I’ve gone through. It works people!

Both remedies are included in my old Natural Arsenal For Colds & Flu post, which I plan to update and re-do. Remedies have changed very little, it is just the visuals of the post need a big overhaul.

Ayumi Sandalwood & Argan Body Scrub

Ayumi Hibiscus & Turmeric Shampoo

Reviewed here and I also included the brand as a part of my Affordable Green Beauty Products here. Repurchased many times since, a firm favourite in Casa Green Life In Dublin!

Bella Aura Night Cellular Renewal Moisturizer*

My love for them is infinite, the best green beauty has to offer, full stop. See full review here. I never want to be without them!

*update – see here why I no longer support this brand, even though I still think highly about the products.

Bloomtown Hedgerow  Nourishing Dry Body Oil

I wish my blog would have a scratch-and-sniff feature so I could share this amaaazing scent with you! I discovered the line while testing/ judging for the The Beauty Shortlist Awards earlier in the year, then I got a bunch of products for Love Lula review (here) & later included them in the Affordable Green Beauty Products guide (here) and I have to say  I am still loving everything I have. Great price point too, but double check the ingredients if you are purist.

Alaffia Vanilla & Mint Hand Wash

Alaffia not only do natural products, but their foundation supports local African communities, jobs, education and so much more – and any company that does things like that, gets a lot of my support. Repurchase for life. Did I mention that it is wallet friendly too?

Yogi Throat Comfort Tea

It is one of my staples in the sickness season – partly because it truly works at soothing that scratchy throat, partly because I classed it as #wellnessstaple and won’t be without it  A nice soothing cuppa, can I allow myself this little luxury every day? I think I can!

Clipper Sleep Easy Tea

Another one of my staples, needed everyday for decompressing after a day’s work. Yet amazingly I never talked about it? Half a teaspoon of honey  is a must with it, as it does not taste great on it’s own due to valerian in it.

Numi Turmeric Amber Sun Tea

Organic turmeric in a great tasting tea? I am all over it 🙂

NYR Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Chobs Lemon & Aloe Sheet Masks

Great sheets masks from organic K-beauty brand (review). I am not happy with the waste I am producing using them, but I am happy with the results they give me.

Fitglow Night Lip Serum

I got this as a GWP (gift with purchase) and I fell in love with it so much. Knowing of the high price tag, I never wanted to get it on it’s own, but there’s the ever so tempting offers 🙂 At the time I am writing this, I now have finished Inika’s lip oil (meh) and am currently using highly hyped up Henne Lip Mask (better) but all I want is Fitglow lip serum back.

Ulive Facial Souffle*

Amazing product for dermatitis or otherwise troubled skin – it has so many great ingredients like turmeric in it. Unfortunately not available in the EU, so I am not sure how I am going to repurchase it – but I have to figure out the way, goddamnit!

TheraNeem Mint Mouth Wash

The brand I have used for years and not planning to stop anytime soon. Does what it says on the tin (ha) and does not sensitize my uber sensitive teeth any further like so many of other brands do.



Just FIY up front, nothing wrong with these products or formulas, it’s just I’ve been Marie Kondo-ing my stsh with an aim to have only one open product in any given category, bar make up. Hit that search box up in the right corner to see if the products have posts/ reviews on them.

.FOM Anti-pollution Hydra Plump Serum*

Kathleen Sensual Rose Bubble Bath & Shower Gel*

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot in Harmony*

Madara Smart Antioxidants Anti-fatigue Eye Cream*

Alteya Organics Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF25*

Mallow & White Fragrance Free Balm

Chobs Moringa Lotion*


Together Night Time Marine Magnesium Supplements

simply because they contain 5HTP in the formula, which is prohibited in Ireland. You can get other formulas in the health shops and iHerb.

Coola Sports Stick SPF50

Hard to apply, drags the skin, looks white and expired way too soon. Not impressed at all.

The liplux also failed to protect my lips in the heat, my lips were burning with it! Not good first impressions of this brand, but I will give them one more chance.

Inika Lip Oil

Not impressed with this, even thought I love so many other Inika products. If I were to get lip oil/treatment thingy, it would definitely be Fitglow. Or blue lip serum from OKOKO, I have my eyes on it for ages. This, not getting again, but it was fun to try.

Eco some or the other essential oil blend

Got it from TKMaxx (see post on what you get there when it comes to the clean and green products here) but it turned on me in just a couple short months – way too soon! You can tell it is diluted too, so not getting this brand again. Had some of their scented candles that gave no scent whatsoever in the past, this was the second chance I gave them. Not impressed, not going back.

That’s it for today! What have you been finishing up lately?

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  1. love the Kathleen bubble bath, and Bloomtown always smells fab! I’m using a Fitglow lip serum currently and I’m both loving it and totally unsure about it. it makes my lips tingle which I am not keen on haha though it does look them look super plump.

    1. Thanks for reading Bryanna! How does Fitglow compare to the blue lip serum from Okoko, may I ask? xo

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