2022 Best Series – Health & Wellness – Green Life In Dublin

2022 Best Series – Health & Wellness – Green Life In Dublin

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2022 Best Series – Health & Wellness – Green Life In Dublin
2022 Best Series – Health & Wellness – Green Life In Dublin

How are all of You, I hope You are well! Today I am presenting You the last leg of my 2022 Best Products series – it is time for health & wellness.

*disclaimer - this post features my real life tried and tested products, some of them used for more than a decade. Many of them will have reviews on my site, so please be sure to hit the search box. I will link the shops where I am getting these products from at the end of the post. Some will be affiliate links, I want us to be on the same page.


NAHS OreganolP73

This is one of my worst kept secrets – this beauty is my everything, I haven’t had antibiotics for 8+ years since discovering this little beauty. I feel it should be in every single household! I never want to be without it.

My Natural Medicine Cabinet

Boiron Oscillococcinum

Homeopathic remedies are such a gentle and natural way to help Your body aid healing, without any nasty side effects.

My iHerb Must Haves – Green Life In Dublin

Essential oils 

Depending on what they are, different essential oils will help you relax or aid in healing some dis-ease or another. Check this book if You are new to them. Choose pure food or therapeutic grade essential oils, never fragrance oils! I love Living Libations brand, as well as Atlantic Aromatics & Pure Anada. Plus Alteya Organics, Soil & NYR, but these are so hard to get for me right now.

How I use essential oils

Living Libations Nebulizing Diffuser

As I said in this post:

“So nice I got it twice! I have chosen this waterless diffuser specifically because of the mold problem in our house & I was double overjoyed to find out I do not have to clean it after every single use, or barely at all (see review). I got the second one as soon as I was able to save up for it, as not to carry the same one all over the house.”

Living Libations Nebulizing Diffuser Review

Vitamin D

About 80% of us are deficient in it due to spending all the time indoors/ sunscreens/ avoiding the sun. I know for certain deficiency in it was one of the major reasons I developed perioral dermatitis years ago. You need tests to see where are You at, but don’t be afraid of going over the RDA – those “recommended daily allowance” limits are worlds away from the optimal vitamins/mineral levels. Research that and Your life will be chance forever.


Another thing that majorly helped with my health & anxiety levels. Magnesium is calming mineral & I really felt it. There are many forms in pill forms but I prefer to take it as an oil to rub on the skin or Epsom salts baths. Life changing, let me tell You. Mg together with vitamin D is my magic combo. If I forget for a couple of days, I can really feel it in my body and mood levels, so I make sure to get back on track asap.

*not going to recommend any other supplements, I believe they should be individual choices. I tend to take superfoods powders instead of supplements these days and my body is thriving on them.



Living Libations Illume Hotberry

It is a chrism of wonderful plant extracts that You can use orally or add it to Your lotions/ bath. Partay in my mouth, but with added health benefits! Helps me to survive long winters, which I struggle with.

Living Libations Illume Hotberry review – Green Life In Dublin

Golden Shrooms By Wunder Workshop

Turmeric latte with medicinal mushrooms, do I need to say more? Can’t get enough for a few years now. I calms me down, soothes the gut and the soul, I can’t say enough of good things about it. The flavour is the right kind of bitter, love it.

Yogi Throat Comfort Tea

This is also a love for nearly half of the decade. I make sure I stock up before I run out, so that is saying a lot!

Palo Santo

Sage Smudge Stick

Sand & Fog Natural Candles

I always make sure my candles are natural and non toxic. This is the brand that I love for many different reasons, they smell and look incredible, You get a generous size for Your money. I have had real trouble with natural candles, I found them overpriced and underwhelming a lot of times. After many years of search I settled on this brand & did a little dance of joy when Live In The Light started carrying them! (see the link below).

Shop My Faves


Check out my favourite online shops:

The Dutch Health Store
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Pure Anada
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Thanks for reading! I really appreciate You taking the time to come to my little corner of internet.

Please let me know Your best products so I can check them out.

See You here next Tuesday, my posting days.

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