Shopping My Stash #9 – Evolve Organic Beauty, Living Libations, AnnMarie Skincare – Green Life In Dublin

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Shopping My Stash #9 - Evolve Organic Beauty, Living Libations, AnnMarie Skincare - Green Life In Dublin
Shopping My Stash #9 – Evolve Organic Beauty, Living Libations, AnnMarie Skincare – Green Life In Dublin

Hope all of You are well and enjoying summer? While I go through some life and blog changes (and burnout, not going to lie), I’ll walk You trough my (old) stash.

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Evolve Organic Beauty Vegan Lip Treat & 360 Eye And LIP CONTOUR & CLIMATE VEIL TINTED LIGHT/ MEDIUM SPF 20

I’ll be honest with You, this is an old photo and I no longer have some of the products in my stash. This is to tide me over till I regain life balance and inspiration to blog again. With Love Lula gone and PR products largely gone too, I can no longer upkeep with what’s new out of my own pocket. Due to very limited play money, I feel the tight squeeze of the cost of living crisis, like everyone else in the same working class boat. I minimized and streamlined my stash quite a bit, but I struggle to make my content in the fine balance of relevant, exciting, not salesy and yet delivered with my signature honesty. I mean how can You keep producing posts about the same products without it getting old? Please hang in there with me while I figure things out.

Back to the Evolve Organic Beauty products. The Climate Veil SPF product You see here sadly no longer exists, it has been reformulated since the tint and comes in the (eco) squeezable tube. I am yet to try the new version, because I have enough facial SPF products to last me this summer (I just blogged about them). I am actually quite upset they reformulated it, in my opinion it was perfect! I have a separate blog review of it, but it is no longer relevant. With the tint, it not only worked for the face as SPF, but as a  body bronzant/spf too, delivering perfect summer glow to the face, neck, shoulders and wherever else You applied it to. Now it seems to have whitecast from what I looked around, but I hope not. I’ll try it in my own good time, as I love love love almost everything from Evolve Organic Beauty, but I hope the formula hasn’t been changed all that much. 360 Eye And Lip Contour has stayed in my stash and in my Holy Grails list firmly since I first tried it. It is always in my stash and no matter what else I try, I always gravitate back to it. Vegan Lip Butter hasn’t stayed the course, I didn’t proceed to repurchase it once I ran out. It is a good product, but not my best product. I wasn’t a fan of having to dip my fingers into it to apply it every time. It also seemed to last a bit less that I wanted it to. It might be Your best product though, please do not discount it only because of what I just said. We are all different and we might have different expectations of the same type of products. You get a huge amount for less than a tenner too. I’d love to see Evolve to come up with a tube lip balm, maybe with SPF too. Just as I stated in my current SPF products post, I am yet to find my best lips SPF product too.

Ps. Evolve Organic Beauty came out with a couple of new products. I am yet to try them, but I have full intentions to review them soon. I am also to review a couple of their older releases, including perfect calming serum for a sensitive skin. Please stay tuned! This brand is so seriously good that it didn’t take me much convincing for Dutch Health Store to start carrying the brand. Yes, really. Find links below.

Brand overview – Evolve Organic Beauty – Green Life In Dublin


Hmm, the same story but with a different brand and different product. I absolutely adore the brand, You know I do, but I didn’t fall head over heels in love with this particular product. At one stage I was researching topical applications of vitamin D – yes really – and it coincided with the brand sending me this cream. I was overjoyed at the time and enjoyed the experience while it lasted. But once the tub was gone and I looked up the price of it, I decided to give myself a cooling off period to see if I will miss the product. It’s been a while and I haven’t repurchased it. Again, it is not to say it is a bad product, it was not a match for me personally. I might come back to it at some stage in the future, as I adore Living Libations products too. For the moment I have enough face creams to last at least six months, so it might be a while.

My Favourite Living Libations Products 2020


I don’t know what is it with this post, but I see a pattern here. Again, adore the brand for their utter commitment to bring us the most natural products possible, but I failed to repurchase the product once it was gone.

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