Shopping My Stash #11 – Living Libations, Vanessa Megan & More – Green Life In Dublin

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Shopping My Stash #11 - Living Libations, Vanessa Megan & More - Green Life In Dublin
Shopping My Stash #11 – Living Libations, Vanessa Megan & More – Green Life In Dublin

How are all of You, I hope You are well? How is Your summer going? I am still shopping my stash, let me tell You about it 🙂

I am continuing to shop my stash for various reasons, will reveal them soon. Let’s see what I am aiming to finish and not always repurchase. This and the last two posts are part of “project pan” – it is important to do them from time to time. As much as I like trying new natural products, they don’t always work out for me, so it is time to streamline.


Jadore! You guys know I am big big fan of everything Living Libations, for a number of years now. They are beyond organic, wildcrafted, beyond fair trade and all those good things You want them to be. They even vibrate on the different level. I have reviewed many different LL products, including perfumes. You can read more below or hit the search box in You want my in depth thoughts. The only reason I am putting this to the front of my stash is because I have two Fawn Lily bottles 🙂 After finishing this I will allow myself to purchase some other scent, I feel that I am barely starting with them!

Living Libations Perfumes review – Green Life In Dublin [AD]

My Favourite Living Libations Products 2020


I am a bit embarrassed to say I bought it two years ago and barely used it… This has great ingredients in it, including silver and gold, but I didn’t connect with this product well. If the product fails to impress me within a week, I tend to sort of forget about it and due to the size of my stash, it might get lost at the back of it. That’s exactly what happened to this product. Because I’ve been doing this for more than a decade, I have learned to trust my instincts and first impressions about products. Does that mean that I sometimes miss out on amazing products that fails to wow me initially? Possibly. But once in a while You do get products that blow Your socks off from the get go. Over the decade+ I’ve enough of these “wow” products, so I am questioning myself do I really need to hang onto every single product that comes into my life. I’ll give this another go for a couple of weeks and then see if my thoughts chance.


Oh, Love Lula days.. how I miss Yous! This brow oil came in one of the last Love Lula beauty boxes. I remember it being expensive, but it had really great ingredients in it, like black seed oil, plus it worked well. I haven’t proceeded to repurchase it because of the high price + shipping + custom fees. Being a mama who works 8-10h a week, I barely make ends meet. As much as I want to support natural brands & creators, I cannot afford 28£ brow oil. Plus shipping. Plus custom taxes.


I also no longer have this product in my life either. This company sent me a few products and I remember linking them, they had natural ingredients and good selection. I remember this lash growth serum had castor oil as a base, which is really good for hair growth. I haven’t been consistent with it before it expired about six months later. I haven’t repurchased that for the same reasons mentioned above. Maybe one day I will come into money and will be able to repurchase everything my heart desires.


Again, product from Love Lula that makes me miss it! I also do not have this product in my life, I am not even sure if the brand still exists. I remember really liking this product while it lasted, it had great ingredients in it and made my nails and cuticles nourished and dare I say it, stronger. But because I am not big into doing nails, I haven’t repurchased it once it ran out. Plus the reasons above. See a theme here?




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