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Audrey Hepburn signature lipstick

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Have you ever thought about what lipstick Audrey Hepburn wore? And if yes, do you want a natural alternative to it? I must admit that thought never crossed my mind until I watched Lisa Eldridge’s video about her putting Audrey’s DNA on her lips (go see her Youtube video about it) – Lisa is the last non natural Youtuber I watch, simply because I adore her personality, looks she creates and techniques she uses – and in fact she does use some natural and organic products. So while I watched the video, the lightbulb moment hit me – I knew in an instant what the natural alternative is, so instead of keeping it to myself, why I don’t blog about it to let people know? Maybe there’s a soul out there wanting the exact same thing, the Audrey Hepburn look sans the harmful chemicals that comes with it. I mean everybody knows about the lead in the conventional lipsticks many many times above the allowed limit (why is there lead in the lipstick to begin with?). If this post will help at least one person, I will be a happy (cruelty free) bunny 🙂

Audrey Hepburn signature lipstick
Audrey Hepburn signature lipstick – and natural alternative to it. Picture via Pinterest

Image courtesy of Lisa Eldridge IG page

Have you watched that video? Any collectors and AH fans alike can understand Lisa’s elation and excitement about owning a piece of history in a form of Audrey’s custom made lipstick holder, and her joy at finding the remnants of her signature lipstick inside. While I cannot comprehend spending over 25k for it (I wish I’d had it to use as a house deposit!), let’s just leave it aside and focus on what this post is all about, the natural alternative(s) to Audrey Hepburn signature lipstick?

I think the closest to the Audrey Hepburn shade is Hynt Beauty Pinkibelle – pass the drum roll please! Never reviewed it on it’s own, but it is my favourite natural lipstick ever! It is featured in multiple favourites posts, like 2018 Green Beauty Favourites I Still Use Daily and Natural & Organic Products I Love & Recommend though, and I can assure you it is the most flattering nude you can ever find – and it suits all skin tones! I have put it on my pale friends, dark skin friends and everyone looked awesome. As far lipstick formula goes, it is awesome too – rivaling any conventional lipstick in my mind. The formula is a perfection, not too creamy, not too waxy, very pigmented and it lasts a few hours, leaving a nice stain as it wears off. Never bleeding into your lip lines, working equally well in colder & humid and hot and dry climates – tried and tested by me. Never have I ever received more compliments on a lipstick or my look before.

Hynt Beauty Aria Lipstick in Pinkibelle
Hynt Beauty Aria Lipstick in Pinkibelle

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#greenbeautyswatches – ladies and gentlemen, say hello to my new favourite signature lipstick ? ? – please step forward #Pinkibelle from @hyntbeauty! Two absolute faves from one brand, not bad at all, huh? (You guys know that Duet Perfecting Concealer is my long standing favourite) I was on forever search for that perfect 'your lips but better' kind of nude, and this came into my life by happy chance, because I overlooked it on my own. Last time I purchased #hyntbeautyduetperfectingconcealer from @eminessences, Emilie was kind enough to throw in a sample of Pinkibelle. I got so many compliments on my lips ? when wearing Pinkibelle, and after I couldn't stop thinking about it, I went on and got it ? You can see it #swatched next to #bellininude (which is also so lovely, hmm, hmmm ☺️) and swipe to see it on! If it makes you smile when you put it on, that's how you know you are onto a winner ? . Don't forget to check out my #greenlifeindublin #greenbeauty #swatchgallery on FB and Pinterest, and please make my day and follow me there xo . . #Ilovemyfollowers #greenlifedublin#greenlifeindublin #greenbeautyblogger #greenblogger #beautyblogger# #swatched #swatch #greenbeautyswatch #swatchyswatchy #hyntbeautypinkibelle #hyntbeautylipstick #hyntbeautyswatch #eminessences #mynewfavourite

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Here it can be seen photographed on a cold winter day, hence why it looks kind of on the cool side, but I swear, it looks exactly the shade Lisa is wearing on a regular day. I always had a thought at the back of my mind to do a more realistic shot of Pinkibelle in a natural day light, now I am double determined! I will make sure to come back and insert it here asap. If Ireland blesses us with a proper sunny day, that’s it 🙂

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How fabulous is #Pinkibelle by @hyntbeauty? I got a sample of it from @eminessences and I am lusting after the full size so hard! I was on the search for a 'your lips but better' kind of lipstick ? for forever now, and I think this is 'The One'. It certainly passed 'The Smile' test and the man of the house who notices Nothing has commented on how good I look when I wear this. Here's hoping he will volunteer to buy it for me ? This might make me a convert to lipsticks, as until now I was a lip gloss gal through and through! Would you guys like to see a post on my lip products? What's your favourite lipstick ? or lip gloss if you are a gloss person? . On the side note, you can check out my #GreenBeautySwatchGallery on FB and Pinterest too: FB: Pinterest: . #Ilovemyfollowers #haveaniceweekend #unpluggingfortheweekend

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Second natural alternative I can suggest you is Pure Vanity by Sarya Couture Make Up – I reviewed this brand and a couple of their products not too long ago, see it here. As you can see from the swatch below, it is a very close in colour.

Sarya Couture Make Up Vegetarian Lipstick in Pure Vanity
Sarya Couture Make Up Vegetarian Lipstick in Pure Vanity


And if you still want a more vibrant one, I have just the tip for you. You can actually use any of peachy Nars Orgasm alike blushes on top of your lipstick – see this post on more than than 20 natural dupes for it. My favourite ever is Peachy Keen by Inika.

If you like your natural lipsticks/ multiples more on the pinky, not salmon-y side, you might want to check out Pure Anada Lip & Cheek Rouge in Isabella – see my review and a make up look here.

For more products I own(ed), you might want to see my Green Beauty Swatch Gallery post. I think I should go back and add links to the review posts where apt to be more of help to you?

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