Natural & Organic Empties June – July 2019

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Natural & Organic Empties - Green Life In Dublin
Natural & Organic Empties – Green Life In Dublin


Bella Aura Daily Repair Moisturiser & Bella Aura Instant Lifting Eye Contour*

My love for them is infinite, the best green beauty has to offer, full stop. See full review here. I never want to be without them!

*Update on why I no longer stand by this brand, even though I still think their products are fantastic, can be seen here, scroll down to the very end.

Manuka Honey

One more thing I can’t live without! I use it as a medicine and also for masking, see my 12 DIY manuka masks with super simple ingredients you already have in your kitchen here.


One of my secret weapons! Natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal wild oregano extract that is somehow miraculously one of the strongest antioxidants – say what? More here.

Jack N Jill toothpaste

Still Ms Green Life In Dublin Junior favourites, see this and other natural products she uses here.

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa cough syrup

Natural Chinese honey and herbs syrup that really works. Currently have three back ups.

Inner Senses Organics Active Body Oil*

Inner Senses gets a lot of my respect, see my review of their body oils here.

Ayumi Hibiscus & Turmeric Shampoo x 2

Ayumi Sandalwood & Argan Shampoo x 2

Ayumi Sandalwood & Argan Body Wash

Ayumi Sandalwood & Argan Body Scrub*

All reviewed here and I also included the brand as a part of my Affordable Green Beauty Products here. Repurchased many times since, a firm favourite in Casa Green Life In Dublin!

Ayan Multi Lavender Butter*

Ayan Organic Rose Water*

Reviewed here, I also feel this brand is here to stay in my stash!

Sambucol Black Elderberry 

Another staple in my natural beauty cabinet for years, I can’t tell you how many bottles I’ve gone through. It works people!

Alaffia Shea Butter & Neem Hand Soap

Alaffia Black African Soap 

Great brand with affordable products that work well – keep that in mind if you are on a budget. Get it from Amazon or let me tell you a little tip – keep out for it in TKMaxx 🙂 See this post for more.

Chobs Aloe Sheet Mask

Want K-beauty but want all natural and organic ingredients? This is the brand to try! Review here.

Sante Gloss Shampoo

Budget shampoo option for all of ya 🙂

Isun Rose Cucumber Mist*

Amazing brand that has my respect for quite a few years, see reviews here, here, and here.

Cannuka CBD Nourishing Body Cream*

A line that blends CBD and manuka together. Really good and natural products, I really enjoyed using the cream. US brand, not too sure if they ship worldwide?

Periobrite Oral Rinse

I am on the I-don’t-even-know bottle of this. Good stuff.

Evolve Hair Oil

I wish I could share the amazzzzing smell with you! I want a full size asap 🙂

The Super Greens Formula*

Clean greens to add to smoothies and such.

Fitglow Night Lip Serum

So good that I even took out the stopper to scrape the sides of the bottle – I am practically licking it clean 🙂 Really want to have it back in my life but not sure how to find the funds for it, it is really expensive. This was a GWP.


Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with the formulas or the products, it is a case of me trying to reduce to just one open product in any given category 🙂

Vapour Foundation 

Chobs Apple Bubble Cleanser*

Acure Leave In Conditioner*

Plant Therapy Tangerine Essential Oil

Fat & The Moon Natural Body & Face Cream


Type A natural deodorant*

Omm Orange Blossom deodorant*

100% Pure Maracuja Oil Mascara

First two products mentioned didn’t work for me at all, and the 100% Pure mascara used to be my favourite through and through – I am very sad to put it into “never going to repurchase” category. I gave them another chance after a year or two of not buying it. See the reasons here:

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Well, it is hard for me to post this, as I love this product and some others from #100percentpure brand, but at the same time I had to say it too. I don't usually post negative comments/reviews on products, as I feel uncomfortable saying things I don't like about #greenbeautyproducts – I feel like I am bashing products, when in reality I know that constructive criticism is good for all parties, people like to know what works and what doesn't, brands can see where improvements could be made. Honesty is by best policy (whoever said that about me, thank you ?) and I love when fellow bloggers are also honest and not sugar coating things. So, what's my problem with @100percentpure mascaras? Let me explain. If you follow me for some time you might know my love for this brand, even though the skincare (and foundations) didn't work out for me – this brand has the most of reviews on my blog over any other brand and I still love their make up to bits, the eye shadows and blushes as well as lipsticks are real work horses in my collection. I gave the brand another chance after ignoring them for the last year or so, ever since they decided to up their #internationalshipping to 25€ instead of previous 7, and free shipping to 125€ instead of the previous 45. Long story short, the mascara I ordered among other things came to me old, already smelling of alcohol and not the pleasant #blueberry smell it was supposed to smell like. As I am a customer for about 5yrs give or take, I know that this smell indicates that the mascara is old, as my other mascaras developed this smell when they were months and months old and they had to be tossed. And sure enough, it irritated my eyes. Truth to be told the brand sent me a replacement, but guess what, it came the same! As it is not the first time it happened, this is the straw that broke camel's back – this is where this mascara and I part ways. I would love to still have it in my life, as the formula is amazing, it will give you lots of length, volume and will last you months (it held a "Holy Grail" status in my yearly favourites) – of you will get a fresh one, that's it! If the brand cannot guarantee the consistency, then I am out! See ⬇

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