Slow Living Autumn Goals – 2021 – Green Life In Dublin

Slow Living Autumn Goals – 2021 – Green Life In Dublin

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Slow Living Autumn Goals – 2021 – Green Life In Dublin
Slow Living Autumn Goals – 2021 – Green Life In Dublin

Hope all of You are well! Are You loving Autumn? Today’s post is inspired by Meagan at Growing Up Herbal, she is a herbalist I follow and she  just posted about her slow living Autumn goals, so I thought I would do mine. All of these things were swirling in my head lately and her post inspired to put it all down on paper. Or blog 🙂  Think Happy List meets Seasonal To Do List. Let’s dive in?

We are all different and we love different seasons, for me the loves are Spring and summer. Autumn (or Fall, depending where You are in the world), not so much. Living in forever rainy Ireland, we only get nice weather for a couple of weeks early in September, after that, it is back to rain, cold and miserableness. To avoid that, I thought I will make myself some sort of Happy List, Slow Living Seasonal To Do List or the mix of the two, but You get the idea. In my home country we have a saying “who will lift the tail of the dog if not the dog itself”, which does not translate into English well, but the meaning behind it is that if You want to be happy, You will have to do it Yourself. No one else is going to do that for You. In general, I think of Autumn as a prep season for the Cold and Flu season, also known as winter & I kind of dread both. With the sun gracing us less and less, I also feel SAD (or seasonal depression) creeping back in, which is never nice.  So this is me, reminding myself that it is important to include things that makes me (and my family) happy into life as much as possible. Oh, and seasonally prep too 🙂

Collect as much elderberry as I can & make homemade elderberry syrup

Make Medicinal Cider Vinegar. Oh wait, I already did 🙂

Collect & dry blackberries (You can make jam too)

Make my own essential oil Healing Blend DIY

Incorporate more seasonal veggies into family meals

Try more new recipes & share them with You

Make a huge batch of Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Banana Waffles & freeze them

Visit Malahide Castle (and take beautiful seasonal pictures for IG)

Make my own alkaline spice blend – ideas welcome!

More organic matcha lattes & less coffee. My body just feels better for it

Go to the sea as much as possible

Restock my Natural Medicine Cabinet

Also, my Wellness Products

Visit friends & family as much as we can

Take out my Nebulising Diffuser out

Start diffusing essential oils daily

Put my Living Libations Illume Hotberry to the front of the shelf & start using it daily again

Take out wool throws & blankets out of storage & flash wash or air them

Study herbalism a bit more, try to learn & identify more local plants that could be used as medicine

Study homeopathy – Julia Homeopath from kindly gifted me her newest course, thanks ever so much Julia!

Try to establish early night routine – so far not happening yet

Get myself a few natural candles. I am eyeing some on Live In The Light

Go for a walk/ jog a couple of times per week

Go back to Gadget Free Day. We used to have Gadget Free Sundays till I started working on the weekends & that went out of the window. I need to figure something out

Get puzzles/ board games / craft supplies in the case of future lockdowns

Wunder Workshop Golden Shrooms review
Wunder Workshop Golden Shrooms Review

Enjoy medicinal mushroom lattes & cocoa more – I find them very soothing and grounding

Pick up knitting again – very calming activity & You get some beautiful creation at the end of it

Start Yoga – I always wanted to learn, but never started, despite buying beautiful cork & sustainable rubber yoga mat.

Spend more time on Gaia and MUCH LESS on social media. It is not an enjoyable place anymore.

Take detox baths on Sundays & stick with the habit. Just like most women, I tend to put others first and myself last. I need to remember to take care of me too. You can’t pour out of empty cup, right?

Give myself grace if I have down days. Because all of this sounds like a plan and a half.

I plan to treat myself to something nice, like an Ayurvedic Kansa Wand, if I pull all of this through. I always wanted that, so I’ll make it into a carrot to dangle in front of my nose 🙂


Let’s start a conversation here – what about Your list? Anything specific that You do this season? What do You enjoy doing at this time of the year? Please let me know, I would love to hear all that.


That’s it for today, thanks so much for coming to my little corner of internet. See You next Tuesday, my posting day.


Sending Love & Light,


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