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Natural and organic make up reviews and swatches – Green Life In Dublin

A quick post for today, a collection of my green beauty make up swatches (and links to the reviews where apt) I have had over a course of few years. Be prepared for way for swatches coming your way on my IG, Facebook, & Pinterest too – after spring cleaning my stash I collected all the samples I own, and instead of just throwing them away, why not be of service for all of us and post a series of natural products swatches? I myself find them crucial, because vast majority of my make up comes from online – from LoveLula, Citrine Natural Beauty BarGlowOrganic Brighton, PureAnada, Amazon and a few other retailers.

P.S. I’ve linked a collection of my IG photos, you might need to swipe left to see the actual swatches. Or go directly to my Pinterest or Facebook galleries. Hope that’s ok with you. All reviews and related posts will be linked at the end of this post for your convenience. If this post helps at least one person find their perfect natural make up product, then I’d be a happy bunny!

Green Beauty Swatches & Reviews – Green Life In Dublin



Natural Make Up Swatch Gallery & Reviews – Green Life In Dublin


Madara make up swatches & review
Madara make up swatches & review

madara make up

First impressions review and make up look post here, check them out at Love Lula here.

Odylique Organic Make Up Review
Odylique Organic Make Up Review

odylique organic make up

See the review here, check out the product at LOVE LULA, ETHICAL SUPERSTORE & BIG GREEN SMILE.

Emani Vegan Cosmetics Duo Lipstick in Xanadu swatch
Emani Vegan Cosmetics Duo Lipstick in Xanadu swatch

Get it from Love Lula here, read the post here.

Pure Anada Lip & Cheek rouge in Isabella swatch
Pure Anada Lip & Cheek rouge in Isabella swatch

Get it from Pure Anada here, NOT FORGETTING MY GREENLIFE  code to save whopping 25% off your purchase! read the post here. Pure Anada is seriously my love ever since I discovered them since 2016. See also LiveInTheLight for EU stockist (and get 10% – 15% off too)

Evolve Climate Veil Tinted SPF20 Swatch
Evolve Climate Veil Tinted SPF20 Swatch

Get Evolve Climate Veil Tinted SPF20 from their UK website here, read review here. It shone as a body SPF/bronze up product on my vacay, read here.

RMS Beauty Lipstick Swatches
RMS Beauty Lipstick Swatches

Get RMS Beauty from Citrine Natural Beauty, Love Lula, Detox Market, Amazon, Safe & Chic & Aillea, see review here. See it on in this Natural MOTD post here and it is only a matter of time before I feature it in some kind of Favourites post.

Review here, you can get them from Love Lula.

SARYA COUTURE MAKE UP was a pleasant discovery of 2019 – see review here and check them out in Love Lula here.

LAVERA – one of the true pioneers of natural beauty! I got to review a few make up products here & I want to try more. See Love Lula.

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Eeek! I am going #allnatural #withoutfilters for you – not that I use any fiters, or retouch my photos – I felt that you guys need to see real photos of this #naturalmakeuplook using #naturalandorganic #creamproducts. So easy to do, finger paint really – if I can do it, you can too! It takes about five minutes only and lasts for majority of the day without any touch ups, setting or baking. please step forward #w3llpeople #rmsbeauty #inikaorganic #alverde #hyntbeauty #ereperez with a bit of a help from #hurraw and #bellaauraskincare! . . What are your favorite natural cream products? . Oh, @w3llpeople if you are reading this, please come back to the EU!! We need you here and I'll start a campaing if it needs to be 😉

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See me use all natural cream products for this make up look here.

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#greenbeautyswatches – ladies and gentlemen, say hello to my new favourite signature lipstick 💄 💋 – please step forward #Pinkibelle from @hyntbeauty! Two absolute faves from one brand, not bad at all, huh? (You guys know that Duet Perfecting Concealer is my long standing favourite) I was on forever search for that perfect 'your lips but better' kind of nude, and this came into my life by happy chance, because I overlooked it on my own. Last time I purchased #hyntbeautyduetperfectingconcealer from @eminessences, Emilie was kind enough to throw in a sample of Pinkibelle. I got so many compliments on my lips 💋 when wearing Pinkibelle, and after I couldn't stop thinking about it, I went on and got it 💄 You can see it #swatched next to #bellininude (which is also so lovely, hmm, hmmm ☺️) and swipe to see it on! If it makes you smile when you put it on, that's how you know you are onto a winner 😄 . Don't forget to check out my #greenlifeindublin #greenbeauty #swatchgallery on FB and Pinterest, and please make my day and follow me there xo . . #Ilovemyfollowers #greenlifedublin#greenlifeindublin #greenbeautyblogger #greenblogger #beautyblogger# #swatched #swatch #greenbeautyswatch #swatchyswatchy #hyntbeautypinkibelle #hyntbeautylipstick #hyntbeautyswatch #eminessences #mynewfavourite

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No review post on it’s own, but let me just tell you that Pinkibelle is your perfect pinky nude – my forever search ended here. Looks good on every skintone and undertone, guaranteed. Bellini Nude looks close in the swatch but is way too pale on my lips. Find Hynt Beauty in Detox Market, Detox Market CA, Safe & Chic, Glow Organic Brighton, Amazon .

See me modelling it on IG here.

So this didn’t end up as my favourite lipstick (because of the shade, not the formula) it exited my life as soon as it came, but it made my mom very happy.

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Was so happy to receive a package from my German Green Fairy aka @lina_loves_green today. (that's what you are known as in Green Life In Dublin casa my dear). We sort of did a swap of the things that didn't work for us, and she asked if I wanted some natural make up things from Germany so the item she was sending would not be lonely. Well, she didn't have to ask twice, let me tell you 😄 I sometimes forget that the prices I pay here aren't the same in other countries (don't get me started on this! Lavera quads over 18€ here and just a bit over 5€ in Germany, anyone? Look out for some screen shots on my InstaStories soon) it is virtually unknown to get anything natural beauty related for under 3 or 4 euro here! So, long story short, Lina went shopping in my behalf and got me Alverde brow gel, newly released brow pomade (love), two Alverde lip liners and one Lavera lip liner (instant favourite from my haul) for all under Are-You-Ready-For-This? – for under 14€!!!!! Here I would buy one thing, maybe one and a half if I am lucky, for the same amount of money. Many thanks dear, you made me so happy today! There's something about a girl wanting pink lipliners in spring, no? 😊 Now, fingers crossed your package will show up soon 😶 #alwaysworryingaboutlosingstuffinthepost

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Alverde is a natural budget line from Germany, very hard to find anywhere else, not sure why. Lavera is much more accessible though, available from Love Lula. Be sure to check my Lavera look post here.

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Day 25 of #beautifulnewyear challenge hosted by @sarahapriceca and @christinaalycebeauty – colour story! A photo of your favourite colour products. Well, this question brings my mind to colour cosmetics immediately. When I think of skincare, I don't think 'colour', I think 'natural ingredients' and 'effectiveness' first and foremost. So I am choosing all my natural blushes that are #dupes to #narsorgasm which was my favourite blush prior to switch to the green side, and also the item I found hardest to replace. (bear in mind I switched 8-9 years ago, way before green beauty scene exploded and natural shops and online stores happened). Today we have an abundance of every kind of product in green beauty, and that makes me so happy! I have a (old) blog post listing more than 20 #naturalandorganic #narsorgasmdupes. I worked hard on that post! . . And although I am downsizing and minimising in many areas of my life (including my green beauty stash), I am happy to hoard multiple of almost-identical-but-different blushes. I call it my happy drawer, and we all know we should keep things that makes us happy, right? 😁 💕 . What about you?

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See more than 20 natural Nars Orgasm dupes – (all swatched) here.

Ere Perez blush swatched
Ere Perez blush swatched

See Ere Perez blush & concealer swatched and reviewed here. Check out Ere Perez at Love Lula, Content Beauty, Amazon, Detox Market & other places.

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Good evening my dear friends! After long day's work, my #review of @couleurcaramelofficiel make up I'd gotten from @vclairenaturalcosmetics is up. Really impressed with this brand and the pigmentation of the products! Click link in link tree in my bio or in the comments to read my thoughts on it. As always I included ingredients of everything and even ran my own EWG reports so you guys would have a peace of the mind. Me too 😉 . Have you guys tried anything from the brand and what is your favourite product? Let me know so I could add this to my wishlist 💕 : : : : : #newpost #thanksforreading #Ilovemyfollowers #blogpost #blogreview #couleurcaramel #blush #eyeliner #swatches #wishlist #mineralmakeup #naturalmakeup #naturalproducts #natural #naturalyou #ewg #ewgreport

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Couleur Caramel is impressive French natural brand I’ve reviewed here. See products at Glow Organic Brighton.

AnnMarie Skincare Mineral Foundation Swatches
AnnMarie Skincare Mineral Foundation Swatches

Review here, check out Live in The Light website. (and get 10% off! 15% if it’s your first order, even better. Referral link, not affiliated)

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It took me all day, but I persevered and kept my word, my Monday post is finally up for your perusion. It is Nude by Nature review and you can read it here: . And what's more exciting, this Australian nr1 mineral make up brand is available in Ireland via @debenhamsire!! I don't know what about you, but I am certainly feeling like happy dance 💃💕 . . Sorry for being so late, life and emergency doctor visit happened! I am ok, don't worry 😊 . . . . . #greenbeautycommunity #greenbeauty #ecobeauty #ecochic #ecoluxe #mineralmakeup #naturalmakeup #nudebynature #availableinireland #irishblogger #irishnaturalblogger #naturalirishblogger #naturalbloggerdublin #dublinblogger #naturalbeautyblogger #greenbeauty #greenbeautyinfluencer #greenbeautyproducts #beautyproducts #makeup #makeupflatlay

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Review here. They seem to be stocked on their website only, as well as Debenhams?

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And the #swatches as promised! This is my #greenbeauty lip collection of browns and nudes. From top to bottom: 💕💄 @100percentpure Lip Caramel in Truffle 💕💄 @und_gretel_cosmetics Lipstick in Apricot 💕💄 @redapplegirls Lipstick in Twist 'N' Pout 💕💄 @zaomakeup Lipstick in 464 (matte) 💕💄 @nakedlipsbalm Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Quartz 💕💄 @ilovepacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in Coconut Nectar 💕💄 @purelyyouminerals Lipstick in Dawn . See any faves? . . . . #greenbeautyswatches #greenbeautyblogger #greenbeautybloggers #greenbeautycommunity #greenblogger #cleanbeautyblogger #naturalblogger #naturalbeautyblogger #naturallips #naturallipstick #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #naturalbloggerdublin #naturalirishblogger #irishnaturalblogger #irishblogger #irishbloggerdublin #naturalblogger #naturalirishblog #greenbeautyaddict #beautyaddict #naturalbeautylover #organicproducts #naturalproducts #naturallipstick #naturallipproducts #naturalbeautyswatches

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Pretty much self explanatory,as all the names are in the post 🙂 Find Red Apple review here, Purely You Minerals review here & Zao Organic Make Up review here.

My favourite lip glosses, with real gems in it! Review here, check them out on Amazon here. Safe & Chic & Detox Market.

Review can be found here. Check them out on  Safe & Chic  Amazon here & Detox Market.

Pure Anada Blush Swatches

Review here, check out Pure Anada here, NOT FORGETTING MY GREENLIFE  code to save whopping 25% off your purchase! read the post here. Pure Anada is seriously my love ever since I discovered them since 2016. See also LiveInTheLight for EU stockist (and get 10% – 15% off too)

Pure Anada Swatches

See above 🙂

Pure Anada make up look

Post here. For the links, see above. As You can see,  love Pure Anada!

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot in Harmony

Got this from Love Love. Scroll up to see Ere Perez review 🙂

& here are loads of the swatches of the things I do not own, hence no reviews or links. Hope they are still helpful x

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More #greenbeautyswatches for you! I hope these would be helpful for some of you in order of choosing shades. I find #swatches really helpful myself 💄💄💄 This pic was taken in a natural light and not retouched in any way. And you guys know I don't do filters, so what you see here is pretty much what you get in real life, except that nr4 is more sparkly than it looks here ✨ I don't own any of these lippies, all of the samples were sent to me by @karin_greenconscience in our recent #greenbeautyswap. See any faves here? Which one(s) do you like? #greenbeautycommunity #naturallipstick #naturallipsticks #naturalbrands #naturallipliner #naturalmakeupswatches #naturalmakeup #makeup #natural #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #greenbeautyblogger #irishblogger #irishnaturalblogger #naturalirishblogger #naturalblogger

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And now for the promised links to reviews and related posts:

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 Zuii Organics


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